Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

A stranger with a cigarette

The girl that I met in Tivoli, a small Italian town with the famous villa d'Este, had the most piercing look in her eyes. After sightseeing I wanted to eat pasta along with white wine and juicy fruit for dessert. I was searching a soulful restaurant and I eventually found something that developed into the painting – a bright character.

In a narrow street there was a couple of tables and at one of them there was a woman smoking a cigarette. Her look and gestures drew my attention – I'm interested in bright charismatic personalities and especially someone as her! She spoke Italian with me which I didn't understand however I fell under magic influence of that person. It turned out she was an owner of the small cafe where two other girls also worked – one of them spoke Russian.

They fed me divinely! But I was eager to observe the charismatic cafe owner continuously smoking cigarettes. I ordered a bottle of white wine – for fruit.

I sit and drink wine and watch her turn into a mysterious person: she is wearing a veil through which you can see unbelievably powerful look – yes, this woman knows her own worth. The moon follows her thoughts. Lips distract your attention while her eyes explore your soul and, believe me, you won't be able to conceal anything – the stranger already knows all about you.

A stranger with the cigarette. 2018. Canvas, oil. 93x70 cm

A stranger with the cigarette. 2018. Fragment

Design of the wine bottle «Hoy Toca». Spain

Design of the wine bottle «Hoy Toca». Spain

A Renaissance landscape

Villa d'Este in Tivoli is one of the most famous Italian villas of XVI century. In my opinion the Duke d'Este's efforts are worth coming here and escaping from the vanity. I arrived here by train – it was very comfortable. But in order to find a way to villa I had to ask local people – signposts were located only in the town.

Finally I reached it. And what I found inside was outstanding. There were no luxury but only silence and peace. The main object was the park cascading from the Duke's house to the bottom of the hill. And what a magnificent view of the park panorama from windows – fantastic!

Walking through the room's enfilade with old frescos I thought about the painting. Here was born an idea to paint a Duchess in red inspecting her property. And why not to depict her in profile as artists of Renaissance did?

A Renaissance landscape. The Duchess d'Este in Tivoli. 2018. Canvas, oil. 80x80 cm

Villa d'Este. View of the palace

Madonna with pomegranate

Florence is a capital of Renaissance. The city is especially great if you look at it from the dome Brunelleschi. Our company spent half a day standing in a queue to get there but it was worth waiting.

For me Florence became a certain corridor to learn Supreme – I have seen Madonna. She picked a ripe pomegranate in the hope to know the future – her faith in symbols was firm. Is God really so cruel towards you that he doesn't speak with you directly? Although better not to know what lies ahead…

Madonna with pomegranate (Florentine Madonna). 2015. Paper, tempera. 29,7x21 cm

Amsterdam Goddess

My best friend – Amsterdam Goddess has known many men. I know all her secrets – she is extremely honest with me, always.

We met in Amsterdam. I was leaving the Van Gogh Museum and she was waiting for me like a predator is waiting for its prey. All the girl wanted was sincere communication.

I explored her face – so powerful and refined simultaneously. She was hiding her wise eyes under the veil and a desire to possess them became stronger and stronger. But if you seek to know such women be on guard – they can sting.


Amsterdam Goddess. 2015. Paper, tempera. 29,7x21 cm

Ripe peaches

We had white dry wine, some cheese and peaches with us – we wanted all at once. The table is set on the seashore. The peaches are in hand-made tableware on a white cloth – my work was not wasted, I molded, painted and burnt not in vain. Green and blue plates are not served with soft and hard cheese yet. This doesn't prevent from enjoying the still life.

I can't help painting this beauty in oils – I once again interrupt our meal asking everyone to finish eating. I need an exactly this view, this composition. Guests are accustomed to my fads. «Today at least we've got the wine and cheese, – my friends say, – we can do without peaches».

Jokes about me are over – guests are tasting the wine when I try to pick the paint shades. With brave strokes I putting it on canvas. The bristle brushes are my favorite tools for such works. They create a particular texture.

It's been a few hours. While guests are slowly falling asleep and emptying another bottle of wine I'm ready to put a signature. The painting is finished – now we can eat peaches and my favorite brie cheese.

Ripe peaches. 2019. Canvas, oil. 90x80 cm