Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Prologue. A bowl

The sea is a frequent character of my works. It's difficult to be friends with the sea but that's what makes it so valuable. In my opinion friendship costs nothing without healthful stress that forces you to change constantly and learn something. I would call the sea my friend, yes – exactly!

I think you agree that it's always comfortable to travel with friends. The sea showed me plenty exciting places – and not necessarily coastal areas. But the most important thing – it left a trace in my art. I am using the past tense because this book is devoted to already created works, and there is so much ahead!

The sea is a bowl and it's impossible to drink it up. The strong force is hidden behind its external simplicity. And so often I imagined this bowl while painting outdoor under the burning sun or I could not stop my curiosity exploring the towns in the heat.

I invite you to take a small trip to the sea where my paintings will be your guide – enjoy their company!

P.S. I will see you at my exhibitions – you need to watch art in person!

A bowl. 2015. Canvas, oil. 80x98 cm

Meeting Salvador

We start our journey with the painting where I depicted one of my favorite places – cozy Cadaques. This small town in the north of Catalonia was a place where Salvador Dali became an artist.

I felt connection with this town – it inexplicably reminded me my home that I once abandoned and now came back. I can't help but thank my friends who gave me the possibility to visit these places a number of times.

Driving across Europe is such a delight. Once again I rented a car. Along with my friends, including my Mother, I was on my way to Catalonia. Areas connected to Dali were my priority – I was eager to show them. I admit that dry wine, soft cheese, sweet tomatoes, jamon, seafood and other gastronomic delights were an obligatory accompaniment of this trip.

So the car is ready, my companions are in their seats, the trunk is full of food and navigation system is adjusted – my co-driver paves the way. Let's go! A light Mediterranean wind is blowing my hair and the sun is warming my shoulders. Gradually the road turns into serpentine. And now through the low mountains we can see picturesque bays, Cadaques sheltered in one of them – I recognize a belfry of the main cathedral and also the sea reef Es Cucurucuc – the hero of many Dali paintings.

The first route point for today is Dali's house in Portlligat, a small village adjoining Cadaques. A Russian person won't notice a border between them. It's interesting if anyone notices it at all.

Every time walking down the narrow road to Dali house you can see a magical panorama: its territory is so exposed but all attractions are hidden under the verdure of inner yards. I feel agitation – like I am visiting my beloved grandfather that I have not seen for a long time. Now we find ourselves on the narrow picturesque street adjacent to houses walls. At the beginning of it there is a cypress growing out of the fishing boat – Dali's work firsthand.

Much has been written about the house interiors. One thing I'll say – this place has particular atmosphere. It's very cozy in the house. And Dali himself is perceived differently: he is not a mad genius anymore but an artist who dreamt to find peace of mind. I permanently turn around while exploring rooms – it seems that Dali still looks after his beloved home, or maybe he wants to share something with me…

My friends are happy – I told them they would be amused!

Afterwards it's time to enjoy cool white wine, mussels and cheese. It's a very rare occasion when I like seafood. Sitting in a coastal cafe or walking down a promenade you can enjoy the landscape. It inspires with its simplicity and remarkably beautiful silhouette of white houses. The cathedral with a powerful iconostasis prevails upon the town – you must visit it!

The main object here is the sea that formed the image of Cadaques. Here everything contributes to creative work. My imagination works tirelessly – and here is the artist Salvador in front of me. He is walking beside me and observing the beautiful sights. His yellow hat protects him from sunlight, and the scarf serves as a magnificent accessory. There is a cozy town behind his back – the town that will give Dali many ideas and warm him in those days when the sun goes out in his soul.

And I keep painting. Such meetings happen once in a lifetime – it would be unforgivable to miss an opportunity that God gave.

Meeting Salvador. Cadaques. 2018. Canvas, oil. 80x80 cm

Cadaques. A view of the town

Cadaques. A cathedral's interior

Cadaques. A view from the small cathedral square

Cadaques. May 2018

Cadaques. The painting of electric boards in the street

In Salvador Dali house yard in Portlligat

In Salvador Dali house yard in Portlligat

Meeting Salvador. Cadaques. 2018. Fragment