Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

A Spaniard

Left and right, right and left and countless times. I have to turn the steering wheel fast. The passengers feel nauseous. That's because we didn't take the freeway – the navigator found an old serpentine road instead of more quiet one. We are worried a bit if we've chosen the right way. Our goal is to reach the little village Castellfullit de la Roca sheltered on the cliff.

Thanks God – we've arrived! A few narrow streets with partially empty houses meet us. It's very quiet here – siesta has just started. The charm of this place is not fully revealed – we cannot see the view for which we came here. An old man with white hair noticed our confusion and tells us with the smile: «Go down to the river!».

Obediently walking down the path through kitchen-gardens we get the bridge and see a sweet panorama: houses like soldiers in defense are spread along the cliff. The cathedral belfry is a fully armed commander. Who are they defending from? Maybe from fast approaching civilization? «Hold the line!» – a Spaniard shouts at them. Our hearts skip a beat with astonishment – who is this brunette girl with big eyes?

Castellfullit de la Roca

A Spaniard.

Castellfullit de la Roca. 2018.

Canvas, oil. 95x70 cm

Visiting the Mediterranean Sea

There is a frugal door in the shadow of a large tree and its crown is hidden from us in the sky. Entering this door we will see not just the cozy house interior but we will be able to enjoy the view of wide Mediterranean seaside. Those who doesn't enjoy solitude will feel lonely here. For me it's perfect.

There is a player on the second floor – I put on my favorite record, open blue shutters wide so the sound could reach the coast – my easel, snow-white canvas, palette and, of course, my beloved dog Pablo are waiting for me there.

And what would you like to see behind this door?

Costa Brava coast. Catalonia. Spain

Visiting the Mediterranean Sea. 2016. Paper, tempera. 29,7x21 cm

Pablo and dolphins

Oh that hooligan Pablo! He so much loves the sea and dolphins so I have to put a life vest on him when we are on a yacht. Yesterday he was friendly barking at heard of dolphins for a long time. I had no idea what their conversation was about but Pablo rushed into the sea – friends agreed on this. Panic on the ship, and I find myself in water without a life vest although I swim more or less satisfactorily.

I woke up with a smile – Pablo is looking at me and licking my face – it's time for a walk! How I love you, my true friend! He's happily running – it's cool outside. After chasing pigeons, cats and playing with other dogs, my little friend can barely walk upstairs – he is exhausted.

But I still have to wash him – I put him in a bathtub and he is staring at me with those eyes…And then I recall my dream…There are dolphins behind his back and they are happy to watch their friend, and how happy I am observing the miracle every day.

Pablo in the studio

Pablo and dolphins. 2019. Paper, tempera. 70x50 cm

The mysterious story

If I were a modern historian I would necessarily include Abu Dhabi Louvre among contemporary wonders of architecture. Its colossal dome, like a flying saucer, landed on the coast of Persian Gulf. It's such a treat to observe it.

This museum is a masterpiece of taste, unique style. It is wonderfully blended in surrounding landscape and also spectacularly highlights visitors in national clothes – I was fascinated by men in white and women in black walking through the interiors. It seemed that part of me was somewhere in distant part and another part – in the future.

I wanted to convey these impressions, ambiguous and ecstatic, in the «Mysterious story». The title reflected the essence of depiction – a spectator wonders about the plot, and as for me, I don't give a reason to think in a particular direction. Look carefully at this work – what mysteries it keeps under the layer of paint…

Abu Dhabi Louvre. Inner yard

Abu Dhabi Louvre. Inner yard

The mysterious story.2019. Paper, tempera. 70x50 cm

The mysterious story.2019. Fragment