Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

All the tangerines of Emperor Konstantin

Emperor Konstantin left an indelible trace in Rome history – do you understand what mind you must have to remain in the city's memory? And despite the fact that Konstantin transferred the capital of the Roman Empire to Byzantium, his governance changed a way of Romans life.

I remember my first impression of the city – sun, peach color of houses, tangerine trees and sense of powerful energy coming from the monuments walls. Admiration!

In the Capitol museums fragments of Emperor Konstantin statue are kept. Attentively analyzing them I imagined this legendary personality being young – he stood at the threshold of new discoveries. Soon he will recognize Christianity – there is a chrismon behind his back on the first church roof but a pagan temple is still nearby. Certainly the history of change was not easy – we can only imagine the cost.

However this work is not about Konstantin's acts but it's about the pursuit of new horizons. The young emperor is wearing an extraordinary wreath – tangerines represent the symbol of his power. Why not – the emperor is free to create new symbols. His eyes are powerful tool given him by God. And if you don't interfere with Konstantin you will never see the reflection of destructive force in his eyes which lays deep in his subconscious.

All the tangerines of Emperor Konstantin. 2016. Paper, tempera. 29,7x21 cm

Are you waiting for me?

In fresh morning I was walking along the seaside and noticed a large fluffy dog who was observing the ships in the horizon. The wind was petting his heavy and long fur what obviously made the dog happy. I'd very much like to believe that he was waiting for his owner – a sailor who went out to the sea, and his house was behind me, moreover the front door was open.

When I looked at the house more attentively I realized that it was in emergency condition. Perhaps the dog waited out the bad weather there. He seemed to be so independent and confident but as we know these qualities often accompany the loneliness.

I took off my ear pods, sat on the sand and called this fluffy stranger. He happily turned around – his eyes looked at me with incredible hope. He was so full of kindness that would be enough for all mankind.

Are you waiting for me? 2015. Canvas, oil. 108x80 cm

An Amazon

The next day when I was jogging along the promenade I did not find the fluffy stranger. But I saw a very interesting lady where the wonderful dog had sat before. Were they both really waiting for the same person? My intuition told me they were.

The girl was hiding under umbrella which are very common in Niece. A wreath of lilies was successfully placed on her head, and one of her breasts was knowingly bare – in this guise she reminded an Amazon performing magic ritual. Maybe in that way she wanted to return his beloved fast. My intuition again told me – yes!

Oh what the sea does to people – they gain sincerity and courage in the expression of their emotions. What a pleasure to watch this – love here is like a fish to water.

An Amazon. 2015. Canvas, oil. 105x80 cm

The Last Supper

The large but modest table brought together many guests. Is there a place for us? The edge of the table is washed by the sea which looks differently due to yellow-green stream. Not every day you are lucky to see such a magic interior!

Today they treat us with fish and bread with a golden crust that reminds corals, and the table cloth – a sandy bay. Strange associations but I believe my own eyes!

There is a big cup of wine in the center. Guests are not hurrying to pour wine by the glass – they are missing somebody. I hope we are not the reason for delay, and if so, we should apologize.

The Last Supper. Version II. 2011. Canvas, oil. 149x60 cm

The Last Supper. Version II. 2011. Fragment

Epilogue. A pear and plums

I returned home in the end of August. The happiness of meeting my Mother and Pablo is the sincerest on earth.

It was warm and dry weather. Traditionally our table was modest but unbelievably delicious. A pear and plums were on a white tray which became my first ceramic work. Outside the window there was a splendid petunia reminding of coastal towns.

In my arsenal I had a few tubes of green-blue paint. It will be my seventh painting in still life series – my favorite number.

I take sky-blue color – outline details of the composition. I save white for last as well as carbon black – I will highlight the tray contour with it and place small accents. I have blue-green paint in plenty – with bristle brush I enthusiastically spread it around the petunia pattern. Marine impressions infiltrate just through such colors combination but I need to strengthen them – a yellow pear appears. And so it would have company two friends plums are balancing next to it. This gesture adds positive dynamics – admit that it's so much more interesting this way!

I finished. I step away from the easel. «The sea is even here!» – my Mother wondered. We are laughing. Pablo is looking at canvas attentively – I need to lower down the easel. In approval he is bravely poking the painting with his black nose – it is painted marine shades now as well!

A pear and plums against petunias. 2019. Canvas, oil. 70x80 cm

A pear and plums against petunias. 2019. Fragment

Pablo and Dali at the seaside. 2019

Madonna with the dog. 2019. Canvas, oil. 90x80 cm

Art, graphics, ceramics, text, photos – Konstantin Prusov.

I am thankful to: Marina Ustinova for translation; My Mother, Pablo and my friends for being close to me!