Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Marina is eating Natasha's waffle

Early in the morning we came to Bruges. I was in the mood to taste beer and forgot about delicious waffles. «Under a willow» pub, as we called it, had a fine assortment. Having chosen a table by the river all our trio ordered dark beer although we came for cherry one.

We've been sipping rich kinds of beer for three hours – it was an influence of unforgettable pub atmosphere with the view of canal surrounded with sweet mansions and various frontons. Drunk we went for a walk around evening Bruges – not a soul in sight. The best atmosphere for town guests – it reveals its mystical character this way.

We passed by the cafe where we tasted waffles with strawberries on our first visit. Friends immediately recalled my tempera work. Where is Marina, where is Natasha and why is one of them eating another's waffles?

Unfortunately the cafe got closed a few minutes ago and we did not have a chance to enjoy juicy strawberries on a crispy waffle. «We will look at your painting and calm down, – my friends joked, – what else are we supposed to do?».

Belgium waffles and cherry beer. Bruges

Marina is eating Natasha's waffle. 2016. Paper, tempera. 29,7x21 cm

A melon and lemons

A melon and lemons often save me during trips. And if the melon can substitute lunch the lemons perfectly refresh water.

Now this painting is a reason to rest, my dear reader. It doesn't have any special meaning but it has a beauty of textures and color.

Leave a bookmark, take a rest – we will have busy days.

A melon and lemons. 2019. Canvas, oil. 70x90 cm

A melon and lemons. 2019. Fragment

Quiet steps

Quiet evening. There is no one in the narrow streets. A white town is ready to fall asleep. A labyrinth of its streets inspires for being alone, and every new turn gives you a new composition for a painting – just paint!

Such towns encourage to wonder and dream. My painting is just about that – it seems simple but whole life is in this simplicity.

I painted this work in remembrance of Ostuni – a small town in the south of Italy. It became a first stop of my journey during which I decided to paint a series of sketches on nature. And they are what our story will be about.

Quiet steps. Ostuni. 2018. Canvas, oil. 93x70 cm

The artist's diary. In the south of Italy

July. The heat. I am going to the south of Italy – to work in open air. I got prepared very well – made a special box for small canvases on cardboard to transport just finished works; I did not bring a heavy sketch box with me and instead I used a light portable easel, and I put paint and brushes along with pinene into a special backpack.

I suppose it will be a busy month. So exciting – I am going to unknown region alone!

On plein air. Somewhere in the south of Italy

13th of July. White town. Ostuni

Finally I reached Ostuni – a white pearl of the southern part of Italy. I live in a typical for this town house with the stone arches. I feel myself like a child in a small castle. I'm full of energy. I am going to find a necessary view taking with me all the materials for painting. And finally, when I went far away from crowded place and jumped over a high hence (perhaps I reminded an insane person), in the shadow of ruined street I found an arch with the fabulous view from it. The heat doesn't confuse me. Even if I'm sunburned I will still paint this scene!

White town. Ostuni. 2018. Canvas on cardboard, oil. 30x24 cm

14th of July. A sunrise in the street of Ostuni

People who crowded near the main cathedral of Ostuni in the daytime were so annoying! I love to paint landscapes without people – they are primeval in such a away. So I went to create at sunrise. Alone. Only the wind at my back. I was cold so much. However the painting is finished – what is more important than this at the moment? If only I could bring it home and not to drop. Wind, you are out of place!

A sunrise in the street of Ostuni. 2018. Canvas on cardboard, oil. 30x24 cm

15th of July. Night Ostuni

How beautiful Ostuni is at night – I must paint! Yes, paint on location, not from a photograph that many artists often use. No, I'm for painting from nature when I create works of this kind. And I painted all my landscapes from nature.

It's not easy but so inspiring – to go and solve art tasks on site! I climbed a half-ruined shack. People are looking at me from the balconies of nearby houses – I don't mind. A streetlight is next to me – what more could I ask for? Two hours – and night Ostuni has appeared on the small canvas. Another happiness. It happens again and again when my work is successful!

Night Ostuni. 2018. Canvas on cardboard, oil. 24x30 cm