полная версияЩенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

Алёна Олеговна Пашковская
Щенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

New words

fireplace – камин

pity – жалко

hug – обнять

to agree – соглашаться


Answer the questions

1. What is the weather like today?

2. Why are Bob and Bill at home and cannot go out?

3. Why does Betsy start to cry?

4. What idea does Archie have?

5. Do the puppies like Archie’s idea?

6. What are the puppies going to do to help their friends to feel the Spirit of Christmas?

7. What will Rex draw on his Christmas card?

True or false

1. The puppies sit together in the living room near the fire place.

2. The puppies mood is really Christmassy today.

3. The puppies have a conversation about football.

4. The puppies want to make a video for Bob and Bill.

5. Mikky will draw a flower on his postcard.

6. Mary will draw a Christmas tree on her card.

Chapter 12

The Kremlin Christmas Tree Party

Mommy comes to my room in the morning with a smile on her face.

“Good morning, Rex!” she says and kisses me.

“Good morning, Mommy!” I say and kiss my mom.

“Look, son what I have here!” She shows me a big white envelope.

“What is inside the envelope?” I ask my mom with an excitement.

“There is an invitation to the Kremlin Christmas Tree party for five dogs.”

“Wow, this is amazing! How did you get it?” I ask my mom.

“Mrs. Brown – Doctor’s Brown wife sent it to me. Here is her letter, listen:

Dear Mrs. Matilda!

My husband Doctor Brown and I want to thank your son and your daughter for such a great pleasure that they recently gave us. Your son Rex was the best Father Frost in the world and your daughter Betsy was the best Snow Maiden. My little baby Liza loved their carols. When they sang, they sang with all their hearts! And we want to give special thanks for the delicious gingerbread. We enjoyed it a lot.

Please accept this little gift from us. It is an invitation for the Kremlin Christmas Tree party, which will take place on the 25th of December.

We would like to invite your son, Rex, your daughter Betsy and their three friends: the two reindeer and the snowflake (unfortunately I do not know their names).

If you accept this invitation we would be pleased to give them a ride in our family car to the Kremlin.

Love, Mrs. Brown

“This is so wonderful!” I say. “I need to call Mikky, Mary and Archie and tell them the amazing news!”

“Yes, my dear, please call them and find out if their parents will let them go to the party. And if yes, I’ll need to write to Mrs. Brown that all of you are coming.”

* * *

It is 25th of December. We are in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. The Alexander Hall is so big and beautiful. It’s walls are decorated with pinkish marble and gold. There are pictures that show episodes of the life of Prince Alexander Nevsky.

But the most exciting thing we see is a great beautiful Christmas tree. The tree is so tall that it’s top goes up to the ceiling, and the ceiling in the Alexander Hall is very high above us.

“Oh this place is so great and nice!” says Mary. “Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Brown for inviting us!”

“You are very welcome, Dear, it’s a pleasure for us!” answers Mrs. Brown with a smile.

An orchestra plays joyful music. The Alexander Hall is full of dogs. All the ladies wear wonderful dresses and all the men wear nice black suits. We all look amazing.

Suddenly the orchestra stops playing and a big Father Frost and a little Snow Maiden come in the center of the hall.

“Good evening dear guests! Welcome to the Kremlin Christmas Tree Party! Oh, you look beautiful tonight! Today is 25th of December and Western countries celebrate Christmas today, so let us enjoy this evening. We want to wish you love, joy and happiness and that all your dreams will come true!”

“Merry Western Christmas! Happy coming New Year!” little Snow Maiden says.

An orchestra begins to play again and all of us start to dance. I invite Mary to dance with me, Archie invites Betsy, Doctor Brown invites his wife and Mikky invites little Liza. We all enjoy dancing. After the three dances we take a little break. Tall waiters in white suits bring us trays full of refreshments: glasses of juice, chocolate candies and little cupcakes. After enjoying the tasty refreshments, we dance again.

“I like this first Christmas of the season,” Betsy whispers to me.

“Yes, sister, I like it too! And we have a New Year and a Russian Christmas ahead of us!”

“Oh I am so happy!” says my sister.



I promised to tell you about the presents that we bought for each other. I gave a nice thick journal to Archie, so he can write his stories there; I gave five tickets to the show on the ice for my family, so my sister can see her favorite dances on the ice; I gave a book with recipes for Mikky, so he can learn to cook even better, and I gave a set of pencils to Marry, so she can improve her artist skills.

What did I get for New Year and Christmas from my family and friend?

Mary gave me a beautiful picture of me singing in the Father Frost’s costume (she drew it herself). The picture is so nice, so I put it on the wall in my room (near the picture of my family, which Timmy gave me last year on my birthday). Mikky cooked delicious cupcakes for me (we enjoyed it with all my family. Timmy was very happy). Archie wrote a little Christmas poem with special wishes just for me. My family gave me a yearly pass to the sport center, so I can become big and strong like my father and learn martial arts there.

I feel very happy, I love to get presents! But the most important thing I learned during this Christmas season is the joy of serving others!

New words

pleasure – удовольствие

delicious – вкусный

pinkish – розоватый

marble – мрамор

episode – фрагмент

orchestra – оркестр

joyful – радостный

tray – поднос

refreshment – закуски, угощения

cupcake – капкейк

improve – улучшать

skill – навык, умение


One and only task : please think how YOU can serve your family and friends this Christmas season and DO IT!

* * *


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«Щенок Рекс и его рождественские приключения»


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«Щенок Рекс и тайна золотой кости»

Щенок Рекс с семьей и друзьями проводят летние каникулы в лагере, расположенном на острове рядом с Владивостоком.

Директор лагеря мистер Риш обладает семейной реликвией – золотой костью, которая досталась ему от прадеда, пришедшего во Владивосток много лет назад из Китая. Прадед в свою очередь получил золотую кость от Великого Императора за то, что спас однажды его жизнь.

И вот золотая кость исчезает. Мистер Риш не хочет привлекать полицию. Он подозревает, что кость украл кто-то из его команды. Если драгоценность не обнаружится в течение двух недель, то он уволит всех сотрудников лагеря.

Щенки решают создать детективную команду, сами разнюхать это дело и найти вора.

Книга написана в двух версиях на русском и английском языках. Англоязычный вариант соответствует уровню pre-intermediate. В конце глав интересные задания на говорение, понимание текста, грамматику и словарный запас. Читайте с удовольствием. Учите английский легко!