полная версияЩенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

Алёна Олеговна Пашковская
Щенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

New words

sacrifice – жертва, жертвовать

bowl – чаша


Answer the questions

1. What are the puppies going to make today?

2. Who pulls a recipe out of his or her pocket?

3. Why does Timmy come to the kitchen?

4. What rule of politeness does Rex teach Timmy?

5. Why does Timmy start crying?

6. What does Betsy say to help Timmy stop crying?

7. Why do you think it is important to learn to sacrifice?

True or false

1. Archie is the gingerbread specialist.

2. We need potatoes, carrots and onions to make tasty gingerbread.

3. Timmy likes the gingerbread dough a lot.

Guess the riddles

1. These are special cookies with ginger. People like to make them during Christmas time.

2. It is when you really want something, but you give it to others because they need it more then you.

3. This is something white and very sweet. If you want to make cookies you put it in your dough.

Chapter 8


“What do we do next?” Betsy asks Mikky.

“Now we need to put all the other ingredients in the bowl and mix them.” Mikky answers.

Archie takes a bag with groceries and says:

“Let’s see, what do we have here? We have flour, butter, ground ginger and ground cinnamon.”

“First of all we need to melt our butter.”Mikky says.

“How do we do it?” Betsy asks.

“We need to put it in a hot frying pan.” Mikky answers.

“Mikky you know so much about cooking. Where did you learn all of this?” Mary asks.

“I love to cook. I usually help my mom. When I grow up, I want to be a chef!” Mikky answers with a proud voice.

“This is great! A chef is a very good profession,” says Mary and puts butter in the frying pan. “I want to be an artist. I love to draw. And what do you want to be, when you grow up, Rex?”

“I want to be a border guard like my father. I want to be big and strong like him. I want to protect our country!”

“That is a good choice!” Mary smiles. “The butter is melting. What do we do next?”

“We need to put the butter in the bowl with eggs and sugar, then we put flour in it and the ground ginger with the ground cinnamon.”

Betsy takes flour and puts it in the bowl.

“And what do you want to be Archie?”

Archie puts the ground ginger with the ground cinnamon in the bowl and answers,“Well, I do not know for sure yet, but I like to read and write a lot. Maybe one day I will become a writer.”

“This is great! You will become a very famous writer! I am sure. What do you like to write about?” Betsy asks.

“I can write little poems now, but one day I hope to write a big novel. I want to write a novel about puppies’ adventures into space.”

“It is sounds so great! I know you will write this novel one day!”

“Thank you Betsy! And what do you want to be?”

“I like to dance, so maybe I will be a dancer. But I like to dance on the ice too, so maybe I will be a figure skater.”

“Oh, dancing on the ice is so beautiful. I love to watch figure skating competitions during the Olympics!” Mary says.

“Maybe one day you will become an Olympics champion!” Archie says.

“That would be nice!” Betsy smiles.

“Ok, Team!” Mikky says. “Now it is time to mix all the ingredients and make the dough.”

“Do we need a mixer this time too?” Archie asks.

“No. This time we will do it with our paws. First of all we need to wash them very well.”

We come to the sink and wash our paws with soap.

“Well done! Now we can make the dough. I’ll show you.” Mikky comes to the bowl and starts to mix all the ingredients with his paws. In ten minutes, the dough is ready.

“Now we have real dough.” He says. “Now let’s make funny forms and let’s put our gingerbread in the oven.”

All puppies come to the bowl and take a piece of dough.

“I will make gingerbread puppies!” Betsy says.

“I will make hearts and stars!” Mary says.

“I will make squares and circles.” I say.

We make all different forms of gingerbread and put it into the oven. In thirteen minutes, our gingerbread is ready! We let them cool down and then we put it in the beautiful paper bags. We put red ribbon on each paper bag! Oh, our Christmas presents look so nice! We are very happy!

New words

to melt – таять

frying pan – сковородка

chef – шеф повар

to become – становиться

border guard – пограничник

to protect – защищать

writer – писатель

poem – стихотворение

novel – роман

competition – соревнование

Olympics – Олимпийские игры

champion – чемпион

dough – тесто

sink – раковина

soap – мыло


Answer the questions

1.What do you want to be when you grow up?


3.What is Rex’s father’s profession?

4. Who from the Christmas Team usually helps his or her mom to cook?

5. Who from the Christmas Team likes to draw?

6. Who from the Christmas Team likes to dance?

7. Who from the Christmas Team likes to read and write?

Complete the table.

What does each puppy want to be when he or she grows up?

True or false

1. Timmy helps puppies to cook gingerbread.

2. Archie makes the dough with his paws.

3. Betsy makes gingerbread puppies.

4. Mary makes gingerbread stars and hearts.

5. Mikky makes gingerbread squares and circles.

6. Puppies’ Christmas presents look very nice.

Chapter 9

Singing Lesson

Today is a very great day! The day is so great because we are going to visit our friends and sing Christmas carols for them. It is going to be one more Christmas service. We are very excited!

All our Christmas team is together in our house. We put on our special costumes. I put on a costume of Father Frost. I have a Father Frost’s long red coat, big red mittens with gold stars on them, a red hat, and a beautiful white beard. I look amazing in this costume!

Betsy is a Snow Maiden today. She is in a wonderful blue winter dress with silver snowflakes on it and a silver hat. My sister looks very pretty!

Mikky and Archie are my reindeer today. They put on funny brown jumpsuits with big brown horns. Mikky and Archie have a lot of fun in these jumpsuits.

And guess what Mary is today? She is a snowflake! She puts on a beautiful silver dress, silver gloves, a silver hat and a silver scarf.

We are very happy. We take a lot of pictures of each other and make selfies of us all together.

Mommy comes to our room with Timmy.

“Oh, you look so wonderful in these costumes, dear puppies!” she says. “What are you going to do today?”

“Today is another day of our Christmas service, Mom.” Betsy explains. “We are going to visit our friends’ houses and sing Christmas Carols for them.”

“And give them our gingerbread as a present!” Mikky says.

New words

Snow Maiden – Снегурочка

scarf – шарф

gloves – перчатки

mittens – рукавицы

beard – борода

reindeer – северный олень

horn – рог

jumpsuit комбинезон

truth – правда

simple – просто

advice – совет

happiness – счастье

joy – радость


Answer the questions

1. What are the puppies going to do today?

2. What costume does Rex put on?

3. Who is Snow Flake today?

4. Who puts on red mittens with golden stars on them?

5. Who puts on funny brown jumpsuits with big brown horns?

6. Who has a beautiful silver dress, silver gloves, a silver hat and a silver scarf?

7. Do you need to be a professional singer to sing Christmas carols well?

True or false

1. Father Frost’s costume is black.

2. Mary is Snow Maiden today.

3. Mikky and Archie are reindeer today.

4. Rex gives singing lesson to the puppies?

5. If you want to sing well, you need to sing with all your heart.

Guess the riddles

1. These are special songs that people sing during Christmas time.

2. These animals are very important members of the Father Frost Team. They have big horns.

3. This girl is Father Frost’s granddaughter. She helps him a lot during New Year’s time.

“Oh, this is so nice!” mother says.

“Mrs. Matilda, I know that you are a famous singer. Would you please give us a singing lesson?” Mary asks.

“Of course, I will happily do that! But first can you sing a carol for me?”

“Yes! Mrs. Matilda!” Mary answers.

“What carol are we going to sing?” I ask my Christmas team.

“Let’s sing Carol of the Bells ”. Archie says.

“Okay, I love this carol! Let’s sing it!” I answer. “Are you okay with that, puppies?”

“Yes!” the puppies answer.

We sing ‘Carol of the Bells ’. Mommy listens and smiles.

When we finish singing, Mary asks:

“Mrs. Matilda, please tell us the truth, do we sing well? I am afraid that we sing bad, because we are not professional singers!”

Mommy looks at Mary and smiles and says:

“Well, puppies here is my singing lesson for you, please listen very carefully.”

“We are listening, Mrs. Matilda.” Mary says.


“You do not have to be a professional singer to sing Christmas carols well. Every puppy in the world can sing Christmas carols well. Even little puppies like Timmy can sing them very well. You just need to know the words of the song and the melody by heart.”

“Is it really that simple?” Archie asks.

“You need to know the words and the melody… and one little secret!”

“What secret Mommy?” Betsy and I ask.

“Please tell us, Mrs. Matilda!” Mary, Mikky and Archie say together.

“Okay, puppies, I will tell you the secret. Are you ready to listen?”

“Yes! We are ready!” we cry all together.

“The secret is to sing with all your heart!”

“To sing with all my heart? What does it mean, Mommy?” I ask.

“To sing with all your heart means to have a big desire to do something good for the person you sing to! When you sing to a person with all your heart, you wish him love, happiness and joy. You really want him to feel the spirit of Christmas!” Mommy answers.

“Oh, this is so wonderful! Thank you, Mrs. Matilda!” Mary smiles.

“And yes, puppies you sing very well! I love it!”

“Mommy, thank you for your advice! We will sing Christmas carols with all our hearts. And I know our friends will like it!” I say.

After my mom’s singing lesson, we are ready to go and to serve our friends. We cannot wait to sing to them with all our hearts!