полная версияЩенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

Алёна Олеговна Пашковская
Щенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

New words

tradition [trəˈdɪʃn] – традиция

to shop [ʃɒp] – делать покупки

ourselves [aʊəˈselvz] – сами

enough [ɪˈnʌf] – достаточно

on your own [ɒn jɔː əʊn] – сами (вы сами)

on our own [ɒn ˈaʊə əʊn] – сами (мы сами)

same [seɪm] – то же самое

to kiss [kɪs] – целовать

to trust [trʌst] – доверять

lucky [ˈlʌkɪ] – везучий, счастливчик

to decide [dɪˈsaɪd] – решать

grocery section [grəʊsərɪ sekʃn ] – гастрономический отдел

straight [streɪt] – прямо

entrance [ˈentrəns] – вход

ground ginger – молотый имбирь

ground cinnamon [graʊnd ˈsɪnəmən ] – молотая корица

forward [ˈfɔːwəd] – вперед

backwards [ˈbækwədz] – назад


Answer the questions

1. Where are the puppies?

2. What does Rex ask his mother?

3. Are Rex, Betsy and their friends old enough to go shopping on their own?

4. Where do puppies go to buy everything for the gingerbread?

5. What products do they need to buy for the gingerbread?

True or false

1. Timmy goes shopping with Rex, Betsy and their friends.

2. Mommy is buying the tastiest ice cream in the world for Betsy.

3. Puppies need to buy everything for a Christmas pie.

4. Puppies go to buy products at a supermarket in the grocery department.

5. Puppies are very glad that they have all the products for gingerbread.

Complete the table

Chapter 4

The Shop for Artists

“So, we have everything for gingerbread now. What else do we need to buy?” I ask our friends.

“We need to buy everything for the Christmas cards.” Archie answers. “And also we need to buy little presents for our family and friends.”

“But where can we buy them?” I ask again.

“I know one amazing little shop for artists on the third floor of this Mall.” Mary says. “I usually go there with my parents. There we can buy beautiful paper for Christmas cards, paints, brushes and little decorations.”

“What decorations?” Betsy asks Mary.

“Little golden stars, pink hearts, silver snowflakes. We can stick them on the Christmas cards!”

“Oh, our Christmas cards will look so beautiful! I can’t wait to go to the shop for artists!” Betsy is very excited.

“Let’s go then!” I say.

We leave the super market and walk to an escalator. The escalator lifts us to the third floor. We see a lot of little shops there. But which shop is ours?

“We need to turn to the left now and then walk straight for a little”. says Mary.

We turn to the left and then we walk straight for a while. We see a beautiful little shop. It has a big poster on its wall. On the poster is a dog with paints and a brush. The dog is smiling.

“Here it is!” says Mary. “It is the shop for artists.”

We come in. We see a lot of shelves with paints. The paints are in different jars: small, medium size and big. We see a lot of different brushes on the shelves: thin and thick, long and short.

A Lady Dog seller comes to us.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

“Hello!” Mary says. “We need to buy paints, brushes and paper to make Christmas cards. Could you help us to choose the best ones?”

“Of course! I will do it with pleasure!” the Lady answers. “I would recommend you to take this set of paints.” She takes one set of paints from the shelf. “It has twelve different colors. The colors are classic: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, brown, black and two special colors for Christmas: silver and golden!”

“Sounds great!” says Mary.

“May I look at it?” asks Betsy.

“Yes, of course. Here it is.” The Lady Dog seller gives the set of paints to my sister. Betsy takes the set. All of us come closer to look at the set. Betsy carefully opens the box. There are twelve big jars in the box. The jars’ lids are different colors.

“The colors look so beautiful!” says Betsy. “But I think that light blue is the most beautiful color.”

“I like the golden color.” says Mikky. “It is perfect color for our Christmas cards. And what color do you like the most, Archie?”

“Let me see. I think I like red the most. I cannot imagine a Christmas card without the color red!” Archie answers.

“And what is your favorite color, Mary?” I ask.

“My favorite color is green!” Mary answers. “It is the color of a Christmas tree, that’s why I like it the most. And what about you, Rex?”

“I like a lot of colors, but I think my favorite is red. I would agree with Archie, I can’t imagine a Christmas card without the color red!”

“Ok we are buying this set!” says Mary.

“Wonderful choice!” says the lady. “And I would suggest to you this set of brushes.” She shows us a big box full of brushes. “There are brushes of different sizes here: thin and thick, long and short. It’s going to be enough for every one of you.”

“Thank you, we will take this set.” Mary smiles.

“And here is a perfect set of paper for the Christmas cards.” The Lady shows us the set of paper. “The paper is white and thick. You will make amazing cards out of it!”

“Yes, we are buying it!” Mary is very happy.

“And we need some decorations for our cards as well.” Betsy says.

“We have the best decorations, please come here.” The Lady leads us to a shelf in the corner. “Here it is”

We see a lot of different decorations: silver snowflakes, golden stars, pink hearts and many others.

We are very excited. Everyone chooses decorations that he or she likes.

In the end we come to the Lady to pay for everything we want to buy.

“May I recommend you one last thing?” asks The Lady Seller.

“Yes, please.” Mary answers.

“I would highly recommend that you to buy this set of scissors. It is not expensive, but it is very special.”

“Why is it so special?” I ask.

“These scissors are not usual. They are curly scissors. They are made especially for Christmas. These scissors cut paper with patterns. Your cards will look even more beautiful.”

“Wow!” we say all together. We take the set. There are seven curly scissors in it.

“With these scissors our cards will look amazing!” Mikky says.

“We will take this set!” Mary says.

We are very happy. Now we have everything for gingerbread and for Christmas cards. We walk to the next shop to buy little presents for our family and friends. But what presents we buy is a big secret. I will not write it in this chapter. I will tell you later in the next chapters.

New words

artist – художник

brush – щетка

to stick – приклеить

to leave – оставлять

poster – плакат

jar – баночка

set – набор

lid – крышка

choice – выбор

to suggest – советовать

highly recommend – настоятельно рекомендовать

scissors – ножницы

curly scissors – фигурные ножницы

pattern – узор (в данном случае), образец, шаблон


Answer the questions

1. Where do the puppies go to buy everything for the Christmas cards?

2. On which floor is the shop for artists?

3. What is on the poster of the shop for artists?

4. How many colors are there in the set of paints?

5. What is your favorite color?

6. What last thing does the Lady Seller recommend to buy?

True or false

1. After buying everything for gingerbread, the puppies go to the café.

2. Mikky’s favorite color is green.

3. Betsy’s favorite color is light blue.

4. After the set of paints, the puppies take a set of brushes.

5. There are six scissors in the set.

Guess the riddles.

1. This is a special tool. You can cut paper with it.

2. This is a tool too. You need it if you want to draw a picture with paints.