полная версияЩенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

Алёна Олеговна Пашковская
Щенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

Chapter 5

Christmas Service Starts

It is morning now. Betsy and I are getting ready for school. Mommy comes to kiss us and to say ‘Goodbye’.

“Have a good day, my dear puppies!” Mom says and kisses Betsy and me.

“Thank you, Mommy! We hope you have a good day too!” We answer together and kiss our mommy on both cheeks.

“By the way, puppies, the Christmas season has started. Did you have a chance to serve to other dogs?” Mother asks.

“Not yet, Mommy, but we will start today!” I answer.

“Good job, my dears! I am very proud of you!”

“Thank you, Mommy.” Betsy says.

“Goodbye, Mommy! We love you very much!” I say.

We are at school now. It is thirty minutes before the lessons start. We are in the school hallway with our Christmas team.

“So how will we serve others today?” I ask.

“I have a branch of a fir tree, decorated with artificial snow and Christmas toys.” Mary says and takes an amazing fir tree branch out of her bag. The branch is nicely decorated with artificial snow, Christmas balloons and stars.

“Wow this branch is beautiful!” Betsy is excited.

“Did you make it yourself?” Archie asks.

“I made it with my mother. We will secretly put this branch on our teacher’s table.”

“This is a great idea!” Mikky says. “Our teacher, Mrs. Forest, loves this kind of decorations!”

“Yes, she will be very surprised!” I say.

“Also, I have a paper heart; let’s write on it: ‘To our favorite teacher Mrs. Forest, and let’s put this paper heart on the branch.” Mary says.

“Yes, we will do it!” I say.

“And we will give it to our teacher too.” Says Archie.

“Betsy and I will stay after the lessons in our classroom. We will wash floors, water flowers and decorate windows with paper snowflakes.”

“That is very nice of you!” I say. “I want to help you. How many lessons do you have today?”

“We have five lessons today.” Archie answers.

“Cool. We have only five lessons today too. So after the lessons I will come to your class to help you to clean the room and decorate it!”

“I will go with you Rex.” Mikky says.

“I want to help you too. We are a team, aren’t we? If we are a team we need to do everything together!”Mary says.

“Yes, we will do this service all together! We are a real Christmas Team!” I say. I am very glad to have such an amazing team.

New words

by the way – кстати

good job – отлично

to be proud of – гордиться кем-то

hallway – коридор

branch – ветка

artificial – искусственная


Answer the questions

1. Who comes to kiss Rex and Betsy in the morning?

2. What does Mary take out of her bag?

3. Who helped Mary to decorate the branch?

4. What are the puppies going to do with a branch?

5. What is the teacher’s name?

6. What are Betsy and Archie are going to do after lessons today?

7. What good things can you do for your teachers?

True or false

1. The branch of a fir tree is decorated with artificial snow and Christmas toys.

2. The branch looks ugly.

3. All the puppies have only four lessons today.

4. Rex, Mary and Mikky want to help Betsy and Archie clean their classroom after lessons.

5. Rex is very happy to have such an amazing team.

Guess the riddles

1. This is something white; you can decorate Christmas trees with it to pretend it’s snow.

2. This is a man or a woman who work at school. He or she helps children to learn new subjects.

Chapter 6

The First Christmas Present

Mary, Mikky and I are in our class room. We came very early before the lessons.

“We are lucky. Our teacher Mrs. Forest is not here yet.” I whisper.

“Let’s put the branch quickly on the table and let’s run back in the hallway.” Mikky whispers.

“But should I put the branch just on the table? It would be nice to put it in the vase!”Mary says.

“Yes, in the vase it will look much better…” I say.

“Look, there is a vase standing on the shelf in the left corner of the classroom.” Mikky whispers.

“I’ll get it!” I say and run to the left corner of the classroom to take a vase from the shelf.

We put the vase on the teacher’s table; we put the decorated branch in the vase. It looks very nice.

“Hush! I hear somebody is coming. Let’s leave the classroom.” I say.

We quickly run out of the classroom. And we see our friends and classmates, Bob and Bill, in the hallway.

“Hello friends!” We say.

“Hello! You are early today.” Bob and Bill say.

“Yes, we came a little bit earlier today.” I answer.

We see Mrs. Forest in the beginning of a hallway.

“Oh, we forgot something very important!” Mary whispers to me.

“What is it, Mary?” I whisper to her.

“We forgot to put a paper heart on our branch! But it is too late now. Mrs. Forest is already coming!”

“It is not too late.” I say. “Give me a heart and I will put it on the branch and you try to distract Mrs. Forest from coming to the classroom.”

“But how will I do that?”

“Ask her something!”

“I’ll try. Here is the heart. Run as quickly as you can!”

I take a paper heart and run very quickly to the classroom. I put a paper heart on the branch. Then I run back to the hallway. I see puppies standing around our teacher, Mrs. Forest. They have a conversation. I quietly come to Mary and whisper:

“I did it. The heart is on the branch now”.

“Good job, Rex!” Mary whispers. “Thank you very much! I am very proud of you! Now we have a very great surprise for our teacher.

“Thank you, Mary.” I whisper.

“Well, puppies, it is time to go to our classroom and start the lesson.” Mrs. Forest says.

“We will do it with pleasure!” We say and go to the classroom.

Mrs. Forest comes to the classroom and sees a beautiful branch on her table.

“Oh, what a nice decoration!” She says with excitement. “A beautiful fir tree branch with snow and balloons. And there is a paper heart here as well.” She takes a paper heart and reads:

“To our favorite teacher Mrs. Forest.” Mrs. Forest smiles. “Thank you very much my dear pupils! That’s the best beginning of a Christmas season I’ve ever had!”

New words

corner – угол

distract – отвлечь

quickly – быстро

conversation – беседа


Answer the questions

1. Where are the puppies?

2. Where do the puppies put the branch?

3. Where do they find the vase?

4. What are the names of the friends that the puppies meet in the hallway?

5. Who distracts Mrs. Forest from coming to the classroom?

6. What is written on the paper heart?

True or false

1. The shelf with the vase is on the right corner of the classroom.

2. Mikky puts paper heart on the branch.

3. Mrs. Forest likes the surprise a lot.

Guess the riddles.

1. This is a room where pupils study at school.

2. When two or more people talk it means they have a ____________.

Chapter 7

Timmy Learns to Sacrifice

Today we are going to make gingerbread. After school all members of the Christmas Team come to our house.

Mikky is our gingerbread specialist. He knows how to make gingerbread.

We go to the kitchen. Mikky pulls out a recipe from his pocket.

“First of all we need to mix eggs with brown sugar.”

“Ok, how do we do this?” Asks Betsy.

“Well, we can use a fork, but it is better to use a mixer if we have one.” Mikky answers.

“Yes, we have a mixer. It is on the white shelf.” Betsy smiles. She goes to the white shelf and gets the mixer.

“Here it is!”

“Great! It is much easier to mix eggs with a mixer.” Mikky smiles. “We would need something to put the eggs in.”

“Like what?” I ask.

“Something like a deep plate or a bowl.”

“Here it is!” Betsy takes the bowl from the white shelf.

“Thank you, Betsy!”

Mikky takes the bowl and breaks eggs in it, and then he puts sugar in the bowl too. Mikky turns on the mixer and starts to mix eggs with sugar. The noise from the mixer is very loud.

Timmy runs to the kitchen.

“What are you doing over here? The noise is so loud that I cannot watch my cartoons!”

“Timmy, be polite!” I say. “Before asking any questions you need to say ‘Hello’ to our guests Mary, Mikky and Archie. They are members of our Christmas team.”

“Hello Mary, Mikky and Archie!”

“Hello Timmy!”

“We are making gingerbread for Christmas.” I explain. “And now we are mixing eggs with brown sugar.”

“Oh I like gingerbread!” Timmy says.

Mikky stops mixing eggs. Timmy looks inside the bowl.

“Wow it looks nice! Can I try it?”

“Of course you can!” Mikky is very kind.

Timmy take the biggest spoon and tries the eggs mixed with sugar.

“Wow, it so tasty!” He says. “I want more!”

“No, no, no Timmy, it is not for you, it is for the gingerbread!” I say strictly.

“But it is so tasty! I want more!” Timmy starts to cry. “I want more! I want some more!”

Betsy comes to Timmy she hugs him and kisses him on his cheek.

“I know Timmy, it is very hard not to eat all of it, because it is very sweet and tasty. But we want to make gingerbread and give it to other dogs. It is our Christmas service.”


Timmy stops to cry and looks to Betsy.

“Do you want to do a Christmas service too?”

“Yes I want to.” Timmy sighs. “But what can I do? I am just a little puppy!”

“O Timmy, you can do a lot. If you do not eat mixed eggs with sugar and let us make gingerbread, it will be your Christmas service!”

“Really? I can do it. It is easy!”

“Yes it is easy for you, but it will mean a lot for those dogs who will get gingerbread!

“I will do it with pleasure! I will let you make gingerbread! It will be my Christmas service!” Timmy smiles.

“This is a very important type of service.” Mary explains. “We call it a ‘sacrifice’.”

“A sacrifice? What is it?” Timmy asks.

“A sacrifice is when you really want something, but you give it to others.”

“But why is a sacrifice so important?”

“Because you learn how to share. A puppy that can share good things with others will be very happy in his life.”


“Because then he will have good friends who will share too!”

“Oh, I want to have good friends. I want to learn to share!”

“Timmy I know you can do it. You are very good little puppy!” Mary smiles.

Timmy smiles too.

“I will go to mom and tell her that I am serving! I will tell her that I know how to sacrifice and share!”

“Good job, Timmy!” We say all together.

Timmy happily smiles and runs away from the kitchen to his mom.