полная версияЩенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

Алёна Олеговна Пашковская
Щенок Рекс и его Рождественские Приключения. The Puppy Rex and His Christmas Adventures

Chapter 10

The Best Day of My Life

“Who will we sing to first today?”Archie asks when as we left our house.

“Let’s go to Doctor’s Brown house.” Answers Betsy. “He is a good doctor. He is very kind and smart. He helped me last year when I was sick.”

“Yes he is a very good dog. Let’s go to his place.” I say.

Doctor Brown doesn’t live far from our house. We walk down the street. Snowflakes are slowly falling from the sky. All the trees, bushes and walkways are white. Many houses on our street are already decorated for Christmas and New Year. Oh it is so nice! I love a snowy winter.

We see a nice two-story house. The roof is white because of the snow. There are red and golden garlands on the windows. A beautiful mistletoe wreath hangs on the door.

“Here is Doctor’s Brown home.” I say.

We go to the door and knock. A little puppy girl in a yellow dress opens the door. She looks at us very attentively. She doesn’t say anything, then she runs back to the house and yells:

“Mommy, Daddy come here quickly! Father Frost with a Snow Maiden have come to our house!”

Two minutes later Doctor Brown and his wife come to the door, and the little puppy girl in a yellow dress hides behind her mother. All the family looks at us.

None of our Christmas Team says anything. They are all afraid to speak. I am the bravest puppy. I need to speak:

“Hello dear Doctor Brown!” I say. “We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Doctor Brown and his wife smile.

“Hello dear Rex, I mean Father Frost! Hello Snow Maiden and Snowflake! And I am very glad to see those amazing reindeer too!”

“Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!” we say all together. My Christmas Team is not afraid to speak anymore.

“May we sing Christmas carols to you and your family, Doctor Brown?” the reindeer Archie asks.

“Of course, we love Christmas Carols, especially our little daughter Liza.” Mr. Brown smiles. Liza still hides behind her mom but shows her face and looks at the reindeer.

We start to sing Christmas carols. We sing with all our hearts. We really want Doctor Brown, his wife and especially little puppy Liza to feel the Spirit of Christmas. We sing three carols and then we stop.

Little Liza comes to me and says: “Thank you Father Frost! I love your songs.”

“Dear puppy Liza.” I say with a smile on my face. “You are very welcome! Father Frost has a little present for you”.

Little puppy girl claps her hands and says: “Father Frost has a present for me!”

“Do you like gingerbread?” I ask.

“Yes, I do!” she answers.

“Here is it!” I say and give her a paper bag with red ribbon and gingerbread inside.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you Father Frost!” Liza takes the bag, kisses Father Frost and runs to her mother.

“Look Mommy, I have a present from Father Frost!”

“Oh thank you very much!” Mrs. Brown says.

“Thank you for the wonderful Christmas carols and for this present to our daughter!” Doctor Brown says.

We feel the Christmas Spirit now. We are so happy. We say goodbye to Doctor’s Brown Family and go to other houses.

We sing a lot today and give out our bags with gingerbread. Today is the best day of my life. I feel so good today. Today I learned that the Spirit of Christmas is in sharing and doing something good for other dogs. Today I understood that I feel more joy when I give presents, then when I receive them!

New words

sick – больной

bush – куст

walkway – тротуар

two-story house – двухэтажный дом

mistletoe – остролист

wreath – венок

attentively – внимательно

the Spirit of Christmas – Дух Рождества


Answer the questions

1. Who are the puppies going to visit first?

2. What is the weather like today?

3. What is the little puppy girl’s name?

4. Why do you think the little girl hides behind her mom?

5. Who starts to speak first?

6. What color is the little girl’s dress?

7. Why do you think Rex likes to give presents more than to receive them?

True or false

1. It is raining today.

2. Rex doesn’t like a snowy winter.

3. Doctor Brown lives in a three-story house.

4. A little puppy girl opens the door.

5. The puppies sing rock songs to Doctor’s Brown family.

6. Father Frost gives a bag with gingerbread to the little girl.

Guess the riddles

1. This is a special green plant that western people like to decorate their houses with on Christmas?(not a Christmas tree)

Chapter 11

The Spirit of Christmas

The next day we are in our house again with the Christmas Team. We sit all together in the living room near the fire place. The sun shines so brightly in our window We can see snowflakes slowly fall from the sky outside and our mood is really Christmassy today.

“Oh I like this Christmas time so much!” says Mary. “I love to sing carols and to give presents. I feel so happy when I do it!”

“Me too,” Betsy says, “I love to do something good for others. I like to serve other dogs.”

“I agree with you,” says Mikky.

“It is such a pity that we cannot go to Bill’s and Bob’s house and sing for them.”

“Why not?” Archie asks.

“Bill and Bob are sick at home with a virus.” I explain. “Our mom and dad won’t let us go to them.”

“Oh yes, this is a pity. Three puppies in our class got sick with this virus too.” Archie says with a sad voice. “I feel so sorry for them. They just sit at home and cannot go anywhere, and we cannot visit them…”

“They will miss all the Christmas celebrations, poor puppies.” Mary is very sad.

“We need to do something for them!” Betsy says.

“Betsy I am very sorry, but there is nothing we can do! We cannot go to them! We need to listen to our mommy and daddy!” I say.

“Oh this is such a pity…” says Betsy quietly and she starts to cry.

“Don’t cry Betsy.” I say and hug my sister.

Members of the Christmas Team look so sad. Only Archie doesn’t look sad. Archie thinks and thinks and thinks. Then he smiles.

“I know what we can do for our friends who sit at home with a virus!”

“What is it, Archie? Tell us!” I say.

“We can make a video for them! We can put on our costumes and sing Christmas carols! Also, we can record our special wishes for the puppies in the video!”

“Oh, yes! And we can make beautiful Christmas cards and send them by mail!” Mary says.

“Great, our video and our cards will help them to feel the spirit of Christmas! And we will not break any rules.” I am very happy.

“Let’s do it now!” we say all together.

We put on our costumes, sing beautiful carols and make a video. Then we record special wishes to each puppy who sits at home with the virus. We feel very happy.

“Now it is time to make Christmas postcards!” says Mary. “Here are all the things that we bought in the shop for artists.” And she takes paints, brushes, paper and decorations for the cards out of her bag.

We sit at the table and each of us takes a piece of beautiful paper and a brush.

“What are you going to draw Mary?” Betsy asks.

“I will draw a Christmas tree on my card!” Mary answers.

“And I will draw Father Frost in a long red coat.” I say.

“I will draw a golden Christmas star.” says Mikky.

“And I will draw a Snow Maiden in a light blue winter dress.” says Betsy. “What are you going to draw on your card, Archie?”

“I am going to draw Father Frost’s red bag full of presents.” Archie answers.

We draw pictures and then decorate them with silver snowflakes, golden stars, pink hearts and many other decorations.

“Our Christmas cards look amazing!” Betsy says.

“Yes they are!” Mary agrees.

We put our cards in envelopes and go to the Post Office to send them to our friends. Then we send our videos to our friend’s phones. We know for sure that it will help them to feel the spirit of Christmas!