полная версияСборник стихотворений Dragons

Софья Ангел
Сборник стихотворений Dragons

I'll sit next to a beautiful snake, well.

I was rejected by this evil world.

Only magic gave me its bright light.

Now I'll sit on the throne and take the sword.

Sometimes black is what is called white

We are two proud white swans,

Оur love is eternal.

I know We will meet once.

Perhaps It's just a Trial.

But we're monogamous,

So we'll overcome it.

Our life is sad dramas.

But still we are not dead.

So we can still beat fate.

As long as Swans love and hope ,

Nothing can be too late.

Don't cry, wipe off the drops

I want us to become blue whales

Аnd sing songs together in the sea.

I'll come to the beach, take off my dress.

I'll fall into the waves and just sink.

And let my soul become a blue whale

Аnd there I will wait only for you.

Come to me by all means, through the hail.

My eyes're calling you, drown in their blue.

Just let's become whales and fly up,

Аmong the stars we will sing to each other…

Our love is a dream, not a drop,

But an ocean where we will be together

I'm the goddess of snow and ice,

I float in the sky and create magic

Don't look into my frosty eyes.

View brings the cold of the Arctic.

Are you afraid that I'll bewitch you?

Hold out your palm and we'll fly away.

I'll give you a fairy tale, it's true.

We'll soar into the skies on this day.

You'll sit in my sleigh and I'll kiss you,

Your heart'll freeze and you'll only be mine.

You will be my king in on the moon.

Our eternity, Queen and Kai

Once My heart froze forever in my chest,

I am the Lady of ice and freedom star.

And I carry winter to any place.

I'll freeze your soul, my love is like a war.

Your heart will freeze, and then I'll just break it.

You'll have to pick up the pieces of heart.

As a result, you will find out that winter

Turned into your "eternity "in hand

Everyone says they love more than life,

But I love you more than all my lives.

They want to die for someone with a knife.

But I will live to save you with my wings.

They say they love all the way to the moon.

I love you further than before Sirius.

They say their love is a beautiful tune.

My -whole symphony and you are its muse.

They say: "Forever", but soon they forget.

I will love in every life and I am faithful.

They want to get closer to your planet.

My love is strong and at distance of moon

I want to be with you, dark angel.

Among the stars I'll choose only yours.

Walking around the world, I'm stranger.

People lie and pursue their goals.

Having betrayed this whole evil world,

I'm going after you, hoping for love.

Whatever you ask , I give my accord.

You love me and that's enough to know.

Just take me out of this dirty world

on your black wings, my sexy angel.

I want to fall with you, I'm hope

Succumb to your sweet temptation.

I want to fall into your arms

Аnd commit the fall in your hands.

The starry night is in your big eyes

Аnd she calls me to this danger dance

I just want to be your protector

Аnd protect you with my wounded wing.

I just want to be around like quiet snow.

Just being invisible like the wind.

You don't have to know, I'm keeping you safe.

May my spell protect you from everything.

You can go under strafe and be calm.

After all, the Sorceress keeps her king.

One day, I will die for you, I will become foam.

But I don't want you to know about me.

Мain thing is that my king will sit on the throne.

And I'm just invisibly nearby

The queen is doomed to loneliness

Аnd her path is boundless among the snows.

She gave her heart, she won't be a princess.

She brave goes to fate, dropping tears in drops.

From now on, she commands the snows and frosts.

And she will share her loneliness with the stars.

She has gained strength and her heart is lost.

Now no one'll break heart into pieces of glass

I locked myself in my ice palace

Аnd tore my heart out of my chest, hiding it.

I'm the queen of the snows and a sorceress.

And at night I fly to the stars on cold winds.

But this does not save me from loving you.

You have bewitched me and there is no escape.

At first, this love had to pass like the flu,

But you found my heart and finally Grab.

Now I'm ready to surrender to you.

I open the doors of my palace and wander to

you to put on the crown of the winner

You made a girl without a heart fall in love with you.

You and I're like reflections.

I am like your shadow, like the night.

Melt into your light. That's what I want.

We're Yin Yang: I'm darkness, you're light.

Let me always be your shadow.

And now you become my bright sun.

Give my long gray rains a rainbow.

And You became the only one.

Let's become a world for each other,

where we'll just be only you and me.

Others are scared by evil monsters.

But I'll protect you with a wing

We are two ancient dragons from legends.

Lost, now we wander in search on the lands.

One day we will find each other in peace.

We will fly into the sky on our wings.

The fairy tale'll become a reality.

Everything'll be possible if we meet