Litres Baner
полная версияСборник стихотворений Dragons

Софья Ангел
Сборник стихотворений Dragons

My voice sounds in each of your new songs.

I've been flying between the stars long,

time to come back, show you eternity.

You will find out that I'm the only one among

many other gods known to humany.

I will open my huge cosmic heart

and give the light of my magical love.

You'll know eternity and learn love art,

This love is more than time, which is like sand.

Yes, I wish the incredible,

I want a fairy tale around,

But if this does not happen,


I will look for another world.

I just become a magician,

and I 'm waiting for my dark lord.

Somewhere there is my ideal.

If not, I will invent it and fond

I am dissolving into the darkness

that beckons me and gives me pleasure.

I remember that I am a goddess

My origins're calling me to return .

There I find my inspiration

and regain great magical power.

This is real, not in imagination.

And I just turn stars into flowers.

Nothing is impossible for me.

I'm doing wonders, just take a see.

And everything is subject to me.

From now on, all dreams become reality

It's time to forget about

everything and fly with me.

You won my heart in this round,

But can you save him from death?

If the world is against

me, than will you stay with me ?

Everyone is egoist,

can you love me if I'm free?

Will you follow me to hell?

will you leave the world for me?

And will you stay with me when

find out that I am the devil?

And it's time to make your choice:

Are you flying with me at stars?

Are you ready to fly to the voice

of love and lose yourself in dance

Autumn is so similar to sunset!

Like the breath of death when it's too late…

And the birds and rays leave the gray sky,

As my soul forget the remnants of life.

Perhaps my light will remain in verse.

But only darkness will accept my dance.

When the last leaf falls on this earth,

I'll fly to sky on the wings of death

I 've never done this before , but now

I'm checking the weather in your city.

does the rain paint on your window?

I can't warm your hands and I'm pity.

Have you admired the sky today,

maybe it's snowing white like mine.

I do not know how you spent this day.

were you thinking about me in the rain ?

I hope you don't forget me and

we admire the same stars this cold night.

I hope fate will lead me to your land

and together we will see this light

You're like the first snow for me,

As the most beautiful dream,

Like the light of a bright star,

I feel like the goddess Ishtar.

I'd follow you to hell, too.

Because you're my only truth.

And I'm following you as

if on the light of a new moon.

And I throw off the blue dress,

dissolving into her tune

I'll forget everything in the world.

But I'll always remember your eyes.

And No matter what anyone told ,

But you are much more than a simple guy.

Perhaps you are a deity or come

from another magical planet.

We're surrounded by so much drama,

But I don't want to let go of your hand.

we knew each other in another

life and in this one you came to me.

I'll came to the voice to warm frozen.

It's time for shooting stars, let's just dream

Today you came to me again in a dream,

what a pity that it's not in reality.

Love filled my heart and ran through my skin.

I felt your breath and touch, losing gravity.

It seemed to me that we would fly up,

What a pity that this was my vision.

I open my eyes from which tears were big drop.

we can do it, we need to make a decision

I've been strong warrior girl for so long

Only with you I want to become weak.

Become my protector, my saving song.

Our love is silence, we don't need to speak .

And I can hear your thoughts from a distance .

I can feel your heartbeat when I close eyes.

I want to be wrapped in your embrace,

Shut me out from the whole world , it's Dragon's rise.

Yes, I'm so reckless and crazy, I

drop everything and run to meet you.

The gods gave me wings, so I'm fly,

They gаve me heart, so I love too…

I'll walk my steps, but will you walk yours?

And are you ready to come to me?

I don't want you to think I'm like those dolls.

If you think so, then take a closer see.

I want you to give me your big heart.

My huge love would be enough for two.

But even though it's true, I'm too smart.

I won't stay with you if you don't love too.

And here I am hurrying to meet you,

not knowing if you will come to me.

Just don't be deceptive like the moon.

After all, for me, a lie is like death.

If there is no love in you, don't promise,

Don't make me appointments under the stars.

But if you love me, give me a magic kiss

and take me to your kingdom on red Mars

I'm making an appointment for you

In the country where the sun is born.

I believe it'll happen very soon.

And from now on you won't be alone.

Just for you, I'll give up everything

I knew and wait by the blue ocean.

There's like a siren I'll call you, sing.

In every life you were my only one.

Тhe fairy tale will become real.

Take me on your big wings to heaven.

I give myself to romantic Devil,

To be in your hot embrace forever

You stir the ocean in my soul,

Feelings cover me like waves.

Seeing you makes me lose control.

I just want to take off my dress

Аnd fall into your hot embrace.

Ask me what the gods really look like

Аnd I'll just point to your face.

You're stuck in my heart like a spike.

I like this pain, keep hurting me.

You are the most beautiful rose.

Next to you, I'm ready to die.

Love is strong, I don't want to lose…

Your distant princess is so lonely!

Her days stretch on another planet.

Why is the damn clock going slowly?

Only your portrait in my cold hand.

Your princess is alone in the dark,

She misses her distant rose so much!

I know where to go, you're my landmark.

I wish to experience your touch.

And I will go on a journey to the

Distant stars to find my special rose.

I do not know where you are now, where?

I'll go around the sky north and south.

I want to inhale the fragrance of

my rose, touch its petals with my lips.

And let my flower feel my great love

flying light towards the cosmic winds.

You've always been the one for me.

I loved you before I met you.

And this love makes me, like a bird, free.

This feeling has become my truth.

Doubt everything, but don't doubt me.

I 'm not changeable, like the moon.

I 'll love you even after death.

But I will give love through bloom.

My love is like a boundless ocean.

There is a single dragon in my heart.

And We share all our emotions.

In my heart you are the only lord

That night, when you saw my wings,

You decided that I'm Angel.

you think my kiss'll give you bliss.

What if I'm a tempter serpent?

But what if I'm the devil?

Tell , Will you as love me,

Will you stay by my side still ?

you're like life, and I'm like death…

We are from different worlds,

we believe in different things.

Be around? What're our chance?

I can only hope and miss…

From now on, my every day is full of light.

I look at your photo and it makes me smile.

And My life has always been like a fierce fight.

You're sending me rays even though we're miles.

You are my sun that warms at a great distance.

You have dispelled the darkness in my life.

But I have one wish: May our love be endless.

And now Let me dance on the edge of a knife,

I'm ready to burn my wings in flight to sun,

And only for you I can pass any tests.

After all, you have become my only one.

I'm dive in the love of the star, which is best.

You've forgotten who you really are.

You used to believe in the world's lies.

Аnd Your heart is filled with emptа.

I was looking for you and I found you, hey!

I've come to awaken my dragon!!!

Look at me and remember our love.

We're ancient Gods, you're not alone.

We'll change this evil world, that's enough!

Look into my eyes and remember

our eternal love my great dragon.

Our story in the Forgot Temple…

It's time to sit next to me on throne.

I came into this world just to find you.

Wake up! I hope you recognize me.

My eyes love you, Look into their blue.

Our love is greater than life and death

When I wake up, I think about you:

Are you all right, are you happy?

How can I please you? What can I do?

If I have to go for a feat, I'm ready!

I want to see a smile on your face.

And let her become your life partner.

I just want to see your happy dance.

Let all the stars smile at my tiger

I meet you again in a dream

Аnd say: kiss me, just kiss me hard.

And I'm drowning, unable to swim,

I don't want to love, that's enough!

With you, I am on the edge of

the abyss, you are my main danger.

You're killing me with a look soft,

My ruin is your eyes of black pearl


Yes, I'm frivolous that's

the reason I love you.

And I feel this big sense,

Now I do not know what to do…

You have changed me, and

My love for you is eternal.

Should this message be sent?

I have to tell you and how?

I'm a dragon in human form.

I wish you could see my big wings.

I cover you from the storm

with them , and your ship sailing with winds.

I chose you among all the faces.

Because you're a dragon just like me.

And We are bound by fate, at least.

Fly to me, I've found you, finally!

Now it's just us and our big love…

Only we can save this lost world.