полная версияСборник стихотворений Dragons

Софья Ангел
Сборник стихотворений Dragons

I аm the flower that beckons you,

My fragrance is intoxicating.

Ask yourself, who am I then? Who?

Stop imagining me an angel

But my thorns are poisonous,

In my arms you will find certain death.

Loving me is very dangerous.

I'm the scariest hero in the piece

If I leave you, don't believe me!

My heart belongs to you forever.

I can't stop loving? I'd rather die.

Can I stop loving you? Never!

Loving one person is my curse.

I can't be happy without you.

You really have become my muse.

My love doesn't need any proof.

You can be happy without me.

Should I let you go like the wind.

And you can just be free.

I'm in a cage of love, like a hind

I will lift my gaze to the sky,

And I'll ask the stars one question.

When can I finally fly.

I'm tired of this expextetion.

My place is not on this planet,

I know they're waiting for me there.

Let me seem completely mad,

But I don't want to stay here

I'm wandering the desert alone.

My companions are only djinn.

They lead me to sit on the throne.

After all, I was able to win.

There's a whole planet at my feet.

And I will ask them just one thing.

But will I never meet my king?

And I will sit blown by the winds.

You don't believe in my love.

After all, you can't do that.

I love for two, that's enough.

I'm not holding your hand.

The one who loves gives freedom.

I'm letting you go, my bird.

You'll never be alone.

I'll continue to love you fond.

My love is the sky, fly…

The sky will be next to its bird.

In this world, everyone lies.

I do not know there'll be cont.

The sky'll just love from afar,

It's a pity you can't that.

After all, Love requires dare

But you're not very mad

I so want to be your sea,

So that you dissolve in me.

I want to become your sky

So that you enjoy my light.

I want to become your star

Тhat you can admire from afar.

I want to become a sea breeze

Тo hug you by the shoulders

I want to be a rainbow

So that you strong fall in love.

I've never looked for a prince,

I dreamed of meeting a dragon .

I see you and my wrong world flips.

I found you, And I'm not alone.

Don't hide your flaws, you're so perfect.

Finally, I found my dragon!

Pull your palm and I'll squeeze your hand.

We are a pair of loyal swans.

Even after the fall of the world,

Our love will live between the bright stars.

And no matter what anyone told:

"love doesn't exist". It's not about us.

And I believe that love will conquer

everything and survive disasters.

Defeating bad, our hearts,re always near.

And Our eternity has no terms.

Why do those we love the most

live unbearably far away?

Why did my heart broken the past?

And now I can't fly in this game.

Why should love be put to the test?

Can a small heart withstand so much pain?

And Why is his Land The Furthest?

why tears're hidden only by rain?

Мany questions and no answer…

But the main thing is: can we meet?

Is your love enough to win fear?

And I can only believe in it…

I know you'd be better off alone.

But I can't leave you forever.

This is true love and now I know.

I'm afraid I can't lose you ever.

I didn't think I could love like that.

But what if your love is not so strong.

Will I be able to learn to forget?

You must be my eternal song

And without you, my stars

have fallen from the sky.

I'm left in the darkness

from which I cannot fly.

May the light of your heart

become a beacon to me.

It will tell me the route,

I'll go to him through dreams

If the lights are on

I'll know you still love.

So I'm still not alone.

And that will be enough

My sad life was hard and we couldn't meet,

I decided to be a goddess

Now I can disperse the clouds with wind.

I can break down walls and build bridges.

Now I have become omnipotent

and can overcome the impossible.

Now I can get to your distant land.

Soon our meeting will be possible.

왜 멀리 떨어져 있니?

당신은 어둠 속의 태양

너와 너의 눈을 보고 싶어!

난 그냥 사랑하고 싶어,

나는 날고 싶어.

나는 새가 되고 싶다.

나는 그녀를 이길 싶어-

운명은 우리를 방해합니다.

내 사랑은 영원하다.

내가 있는 별들을 보라.

나는 항상 거기에있다.

나는 당신의 길을 밝힙니다.

나는 천국에서 너를 돌본다.

예,나는 멀리 있습니다

하지만 내 사랑은 거리보다 강하다.

그녀는 분리를 정복합니다

어느 날 우리는 만날 수 있습니다

When the world darkened my sky with darkness,

I met a ray that lit up my broken heart.

We began to meet in a dream and just dance.

And Our love has become the highest great art.

One day I will get closer to my magic ray,

And then He will be the sun in which I'll burn.

But for now, it lights up my every dark day.

There's universe around, but I'm not alone

I've always been different,

This world didn't understand me.

I wanted to leave the planet

flying up with cosmic winds.

I wasn't expecting a prince,

I was waiting for the dark Lord.

Who'll take me away on dark wings.

That's what I so really want

I don't believe you now.

Prove to me that you love me.

I want to see your love.

And I'll just count to three.

When I open my eyes,

let everything change for us.

The darkness'll become rays

Let your love be my surprise

I will leave the cruel reality.

In a beautiful fairy tale

The good prince is waiting for me.

The wind of change sings in the hair.

I will succumb to temptation

And take a step towards him.

And the end of my expectations .

In a fight with fate, I will win.

Even if you are far away,

Your image lives in my heart.

Now all people betray lie and play.

And only you give me glad.

Only you are real among

The fakes, our love is eternal.

Our love is incredibly strong

And it will win, no matter, how

This gloomy silence frightens me,

Promise that you'll sing in the night.

And I won't be afraid of death.

I'll follow your voice that brings light.

And I've heard it in every life,

That's why I recognized him.

And now he makes me feel alive.

Which means I can still just dream.

One day, this voice'll lead me to you.

I'll fly after him by the notes.

But will you fly towards me too?

I don't want to guess and do rates

I know you want me more and more,

But I'm making you wait again.

And you're still sad and all alone.

You think this is my evil game.

But I am a hostage of time,

You don't know that I have the same.

I'm only outwardly so calm.

But I'm burning in this flame.

I would like to break the hands

of the clock and stop the time.

I want to cover the distance.

How do I draw this forward line ?

You've been in my heart for a long

time, but you just don't know it.

But everything is going wrong.

Life is unfair . How can we meet?

You just don't know anything

and think I don't want to meet.

But if I had at least one wing.

I' d have flown to you with the wind.

I don't want to complain about my life,

I've been through a lot of sadness and pain.

And it's a miracle that I'm still alive.

I'm like a cat and this life number nine.

I wanted so much to leave this bad world,

But I'm still here, there must be a reason!

It's stuffy in this world, like hell, I'm hot.

I prefer the stars, but I meet the sun.

Preferring night, I have to live by day,

Lies are everywhere instead of the truth.

It's not just like that, I didn't live in vain.

I knew when I saw you and heard my pulse.

I found my reason and it's only you.

I was waiting in this world for our meet.

Life has made sense and I know what to do.

my bitter life has become little sweet.

Just play the piano for me.

I'll dance on the keys with the notes.

I'm flying in the dance, just see.

Your music gives me a great force.

Just touch me instead of the keys,

I'll be your magic melody.

I am your prize at the end of maze,

In your gentle hands, my body

will become the art of music.

Just give in to temptation.

Let this dance become basic.

I'm yours, use your imaginе.

Didn't you know I was crazy,

when you fell in love with me?

Why then are you so dazy?

You knew it, I wasn't lying.

Being with me is like dancing

on the edge of a volcano.

Are you scared? You're walking

on the edge with me, not alone.

We're over the precipice,

don't be afraid, I'll give you wings.

I will give you my blue peace,

Let's indulge in forbidden dreams!

I've been looking for you in every life,

I 've flown worlds , battling

terrible monsters.

My lovers heart is wounded by knives.

But I'm looking for you like wanderers.

I know that I will find you in space

even if a terrible end awaits me.

But I dream so much to see your face,

That I'm not even afraid of death.

Even if it suddenly happens,

I will become a free wind and fly to you.

And then I will perform my last dance


with you under the rays of the moon

Every princess is waiting for her prince.

I believe that one day we'll perform our dance.

Perhaps you are destined for me by fate,

Which means that we can still meet, it's not too late.

You finally came to me from past lives,

why am I so familiar with your eyes?

A fairy tale should have a good ending,

So we'll definitely be together

I don't want to be a beautiful rose

or a sophisticated orchid.

I won't be a bright flower from the south,

which intoxicates with its sweet.

I just want to be myself, not like others,

It doesn't matter that I have spikes,

I have blue petals instead of a dress,

I'm different than them and I just dance

I'm an ancient forgotten goddess,

Once I created this universe.

My reflections in each of your faces,