Litres Baner
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Софья Ангел
Сборник стихотворений Dragons

Let's you take my hands and fly above !

I'll give you peace, because you been found

We will meet you again in the spring.

As How many thousands of years ago.

Everything is cyclical, life is ring.

love from past lives repeats like an echo.

When I was Ishtar, I followed you

down to the underworld my Dumuzi.

In this life if I have to I'll go too.

Karma brought Trials and love to me.

I was Aphrodite and waited for our

meeting every spring, my Adonis.

Our love brought spring and beautiful flowers.

And again we are separated winds.

In every life we are separated,

But I will always meet you halfway.

I know we will meet when spring comes to land.

Believe ! We will conquer fate, one day

Princess of sadness dancing in the rain.

Without you, I write poems about you.

Every day I'm alone and sad again.

I'm as unhappy as the distant moon.

My life is a complete hopelessness,

My despair is deeper than the ocean,

And My long loneliness is endless.

I'm fly into cold cosmos- that's my plan.

My place is among the same lonely stars.

My sadness 'll fit in the cosmic darkness.

my betrothed will be the red ice mars.

And I'll put a smiling mask on my face .

I write songs only about you,

But you'll never hear them their light.

I'll sing to the birds under the moon.

The song is my sword in this fight.

Now I want to defeat evil .

It's enough that I'm unhappy.

And armed with love, I must win.

Today I'll make others happy.

Let the birds sing my songs to you.

Be happy while I'm fighting.

My love is sincere, it's my truth.

My whole sad life is a ring

I bought two tickets today,

To fly with you to the moon.

And there will be a boundless way…

I hope and believe w'll leave soon.

I'm tired of wars and violence.

Now Let's run away together!

Where the stars are we will dance.

I want to be with you ,yes, I'm crazy!

It doesn't matter where, the main

thing is to always be with you.

Let's fly away on our train!

Our home will be on the moon!

We fall in love with similarities,

but we love for differences.

We are similar, each has one fender.

But we are not similar in character.

You're like ice, and I'm on fire again.

I love freedom, life between trains.

And what should we do? Can you hold the bird?

And I don't want to lose you, I'll hold .

I believe love can conquer and

reconcile our shortcomings went.

You're like a heavy rain in my heart.

Wherever I go, you're everywhere…

And You are the supreme divine art.

I breathe you, you are my atmosphere.

Your rain in the heart and on the street,

It's like I've landed on your planet.

I'll coming to you in the hope of meet.

Our love in verse can't just be deleted.

And I got to where you are God.

I surrender to your stream of rain.

And let him carry me to my lord.

Only your waters can cool my flame.

If you have gray clouds over your head,

then a rainbow'll certainly appear.

Even from a distance, I hold your hand.

I'll be by your side at any fight.

And I'm like a shadow always there,

I am your Nikа, I'll bring victory.

I will take away your tears and fear.

Our souls are as close as gemini .

I will protect you with my blue wing.

I will kiss you gently giving you love.

And for me you are the only king.

Your heart is the only thing I want to have

We don't need to talk when silence surrounds us.

Even without words, I can hear your thoughts.

And now The pain of this world, shots and wars

will not break our thread , which is stronger than glass.

Feelings're eternal, their root is ancient.

We hold on with our hearts, not with our hands.

And I'll become your starry bright silence,

So that you become song in this essence

You and I are like Mars and Venus,

We're couple created by heaven.

Far away from you, I can feel your pulse.

I will not part with your image , never…

While you're fighting, I'm sending you love.

When we meet I will embrace you in arms.

If your weapon is a sword or a knife ,

then my weapon is love to stop wars.

Two planets are circling in the sky,

they were named in honor of our love.

And one day you and I will fly !

Our souls are intertwined in one heart

Just promise to be my bright warm sun,

your flower is waiting for the rays.

But then shine only for me alone.

I only see you among the guys.

Among all the stars, you are my sun,

I want to be your only flower.

Love is not afraid of urogan.

After all, all storms will is over .

While your bright rays shine on me again,

everything will be fine with me.

Don't forget about me on the trains.

Your flower doesn't want to be free.

I'm waiting for my sun even in rain.

I'm only looking at you, Yes, I see

"Inevitability" and "fate"

are two words that can describe our love.

It's like I'm standing outside the gate

for which you are, that's not enough.

I have to open these doors to you

and go towards the predestined.

I believe you want it badly too.

And I'm going on wings to your land.

Our meeting became a destiny and bright hope ,

I know it cannot be avoided.

I will not be hindered by snow, cold.

And now I promise that I will went.

I am afraid and wish for it.

I know we are tightly bound by fate.

Your image beckons me with its sweet.

I am coming to you, I'll open the gates

You say you love dangerous women.

And you brought the curse on yourself.

You can pray a hundred times or ten,

Now you should not wait for someone's help.

I am your dangerous dream that came

true and became an obsession.

I will burn you in my wild red flame!

It's your own fault for wishing danger

There are souls bound by fate,

like two parts of one magic star.

But what if the hearts met too late?

Can the separation bepass?

And standing at the crossroads

they're thrown into opposite worlds.

Will the soul find its part if it wants?

Is there a way out of the round ?

Sometimes even the hearts connected

by the red thread of fate are lost.

But I want to change this so that

two souls will be next to close .

My love is bigger than the starry sky…

But there is a huge gap between us.

Why aren't we together? Tell me why?

I'm going to lose in this brutal race.

What will change from my great eternal love ?

What will change my desire to be with you?

I have passed my segment of the path.

But you're standing still, Well now I'm too.

You won't change for me, I'm not asking,

who am I to ask for this! -Alien.

I'm distant and intangible, like wind.

You dreamed, not wanting to be with me then.

But I am real and alive, I feel pain.

And I really want to be with you.

But I'm ephemeral to you, like rain.

You are always inactive. What can I do?…

It's probably irrational,

After all, we can't be together.

Maybe my love is unilateral.

If so, then it turns out I'm just crazy!

However, violating all human laws,

I want to be with you in spite of.

Prove to me that I can trust you, my Mars.

And I will go to your planet, my dark lord

You are my forbidden magic,

But I want to fall into this dark.

I'm starting to lose my mind.

Why have you captured my heart?

It's like dancing with the devil.

You are my worst temptation.

I want to give myself to this dream.

You're passion and emonation

We sit with you speechlessly

Оn the edge of the universe.

everything happens suddenly…

Only my love is constant of course.

Under our feet are stars in the void.

I don't want to fall into darkness.

Don't let go of my hand,please hold it.

I'm flying, but down. Hold your princess.

Don't let me fall if you still love.

Without you, my life of loneliness.

Well, I've probably said enough.

Bless me for a long fall, kiss is bless

I have to let you go like the wind.

If you are my fate, we'll meet again.

Love is an addiction, let's get rid.

Today we will board different trains.

Freedom above all, true love- freedom.

Perhaps our feeling is eternal.

If so, we'll meet one day at the throne.

Fate will say am You my only one.

They sit on the throne and judge honestly.

They know if we should be together.

I will stop fighting and just trust their will.

I still want to be with you, It's crazy

Well, You left your gloomy queen

Burning in the bright red sun.

My soul'll be stolen by the winds.

I thought I was your only one.

The prince forgot about his rose,

Its petals burned in the sun.

Now forever love will be lost.

And what about our love vow?

Maybe my petal will find you.

Let him kiss your lips for me.

Only in my love was the truth.

But you condemned me to death

Our love was initially doomed.

We belong to different worlds with you.

By an unknown mistake of fate, we met.

Our love was doomed how could I know


We are separated by distance .

You have forgot me quickly forever.

You didn't love, was it just a dream or trance.

What a terrible dark and sad word "never"!

Now we'll never see each other again .

My love is useless before the fate.

Her sword pierced my heart and it's not wine…

It's blood dripping on the black dead land

My heart was ripped out of my chest,

My wings were ripped out of my back.

I have nothing and I'm going west.

There's the gates of hell, I'll meet a snake.

I've always had only magic with me.

The serpent'll open the gates of hell .

There for me stands the throne of dreams.