Three Men in a Boat – Джером К. Джером

Three Men in a Boat

If you've never read anything by Jerome K. Jerome, you'd be well advised to heed this warning by the Glasgow Herald: ';It would be dangerous to this book in any placesay a full railway compartmentwhere the reader was not at perfect liberty to laugh as loudly and as long as he chose.' The passage of time has not altered that verdict. Here is a perfect picture of those lazy summer days ';messing about in boats.'After his final trip up the river Thames with his three companionsHarris, George, and Montmorency the dogJerome K. Jerome sat down to write his proposed book, The Story of the Thames. But before he could tackle the work in the serious manner intended, his humor took over and gave birth to a masterpiece of unquenchable comedy. This is a classic of English humor, justifiably loved around the world.

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