Лиза Заикина

Comic 8

The Alien opens one eye by moving one hand, the other is still closed by their other hand, like in the previous scene. The Human is frowning.

Alien: And the others?

Human: They obey.

Comic 9

The Alien grabs his ears. The Human points at his own head.

Alien: Odd.

Human: Reasonable.

Comic 10

The Alien points to space. The Human points at the Alien.

Alien: We are all inhabitants of the Universe.

Human: Yes, but we are human and you are aliens.

Comic 11

The Alien is trying to make a heart with his fingers. The Human is confusedly pushing his hands away.

Alien: No, we are all one.

Human: But how?

Comic 12

The Alien points up into space. The Human has his hands on his waist.

Alien: There are many universes.

Human: We don’t acknowledge integrality.

Comic 13

The Alien pointing at the Human. The Human has look of confusion (o-face).

Alien: I have understood everything about humans.

Human: Are you sure?