Лиза Заикина

Comic 1

An Alien and a Human exchange a handshake. The setting is planet Earth.

Alien: Hello.

Human: Hello.

Comic 2

The Alien points to the sky. The Human points to the left.

Alien: I’m from the planet Gliese.

Human: I’m from Russia.

Comic 3

The Alien grabs his head. The Human spins a finger at his temple, hinting that the Alien is crazy to think that.

Alien: Is that what your planet is called?

Human: No, it’s a country.

Comic 4

The Alien grabs his heart. The Human points at his butt.

Alien: What is a country?

Human: We divided the planet into countries.

Comic 5

The Alien stares at him (huis eyes grow bigger). The Human shrugs.

Alien: What for?

Human: To control people.

Comic 6

The Alien’s eyes grow even bigger. The Human shrugs harder.

Alien: Why?

Human: To make it easier to live.

Comic 7

The Alien covers his eyes with his hands. The Human smiles wide.

Alien: For whom?

Human: The government.

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