Marilyn Monroe’s Russian Resurrection – Dmitrii Taganov

Marilyn Monroe’s Russian Resurrection

Humorous and grotesque thriller. At the dusk of Soviet era in Russia, just before its collapse, the reigning leadership trying to rescue the country decides on cloning the legendary revolutionaries, raising them up abroad and bringing back to revive Communist spirit. Among them, including famous Lenin, was also the charming girl who was given birth by a genetics genius just for fun.

This girl was a spitting image of her world-famous prototype, whose genetic material was used, and her name was also Marilyn Monroe. Not all clones survived, but those who returned to their historical motherland years later, were full of energy, but too unconventional to meet the expectations of politicians.

Big money, love and bloodshed accompanied Marilyn during visit. When Marilyn was leaving, her luggage included funeral urns with the ashes of her clone-brothers. She parted forever with her new lovers, American diplomat and Russian private investigator, who rescued her life.

Содержит нецензурную брань.

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