Taking Action to Make Things Happen – Zig Ziglar

Taking Action to Make Things Happen
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Taking Action toMake Things Happen is not just the name of this book or a companymotto; it's a way of life!So many people want to make a change in their lives butdon't know where or how to start. Some people suffer from a fear of failure,some a fear of success, but even more are caught in the sludge ofprocrastination, self-doubt, and a lack of self-esteem, which prevents themfrom taking the actions necessary to feel empowered and in control of theirlives.Kevin L. McCrudden, author of Who Are You?, revisits his 21st-Century Multidimensional Hierarchy of Needsand applies it to nine critical aspects of life that impact people andinterfere or even prevent them from taking action: 1. PhysicalWellness2. SpiritualWellness3. Sexual Wellness4. EmotionalWellness5. FinancialWellness 6. IntellectualWellness7. EnvironmentalWellness8. PoliticalWellness9. SocialWellnessKevin offers strategies and procedures that everyindividual can use and apply in order to feel more comfortable with the topicand begin implementing a plan of action that will help him live a fuller,healthier, and more fulfilling life on his journey toward self-actualization.

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