Dangerous Wars

Vladislav Kazantsev
Dangerous Wars

Entertaining adventures and exciting chases, many shootings and terrible intrigues, lure the reader, already from the first chapters of Dangerous Wars, and accompany the whole story, especially when the moment comes to unleash its plot.


Emptiness and eternity, the depth of matter, the body without gender, the particles of the feminine and masculine principle.

You, the first parent of everything, mother and father in one person, in your womb, there are galaxies, stars, comets and everything that exists. Wandering wanderers, white and red, black and blue, giants and dwarfs, icy and molten, with various inhabitants.

The universe exists and when the universe disappears, fades and a new infinite darkness appears, the mysterious cosmos will be reborn.

Life can be found in its various corners, where the rule of the universal double division applies, that is, light and dark, top and bottom. Initially, one constellation was divided into two and so on, which led to the separation of the types of existence. Distances are constantly increasing, this has become a major problem for adventurers and explorers. The truth is solvable…

Sometimes it happens, great difficulties, like to create, defense structures "Security systems of migration space services". They are part of a polyline, interrupting the ability of flying vessels to make a safe, spatial and temporal jump.

But there is always hope for the good, and we will see this when a full-fledged, cosmic paradise reigns. Relations will improve between the galactic inhabitants, their laws and business. And no one will be afraid of the natives or any robbers in the sky.

The journey establishes contacts, the connection of beings, helps these intelligent and spiritual forms, as well as people. It is created as a result of calculations of the trajectories and movements of celestial bodies. At any point in space and time, it can break or break. And you will get, not to the planned point of the cosmodrome, but where there is some thousand-year war and you are clearly not expected to visit. The desire to experience the best or to see someone else's nature prevails over the self-preservation of the mind. Stripes with cruelty or love, you do not know exactly what will overtake you. Everywhere, there are changes waiting for you, in your destiny.

There are, for example, places where people live with the usual working standards. And there is the kingdom of kings, where people go, not to work, but to rest every day, and this is work for them. The tasks are performed by prisoners taken as slaves from other worlds.

Any plane, not only has coordinates on the map, but also heroes and villains, their irreparable troubles and experienced joys.

And now, in the galaxy where the Catamaster islands fly, on the surface of the Ribonne, at the parking station "Eleuron", there is a loading ship with the interesting name "Flying Ferix". In a few hours, after a long repair, he will have to go on a journey. Its owner does not care whether it is cloven-hoofed, large and fleshy animals, the lentaurs, whose meat serves as medicinal food. Birds, with bright feathers, pintons, precious jewelry, any rich house, extracted from some abandoned sphere or just fossils from the star wanderer. It is important that you can get hold of, on this, interstellar currency, with the name of pental. They are minted, cannot be forged or altered. Pentali, smelted under special supervision, in the Charton Mountains, which are located on the gray, and somewhere from the lava maroon, volcanic star, Mitosis. Where, no unauthorized access. The finished products are sent to the "Intergalactic Center Bank", where they enter into worldwide circulation.

"L. G. G. T.-0X0X", is a model, on-board designation, of a flying truck consisting of metal boxes and blocks, compartments and cabins. Cargo and expedition, with the ability to move through time and space, at close and long distances. Controlled by a central computer system. Developed, good scheme, life support. The technical name, in Ribonne, is "Planetary Board". On it, outside, there are light weapons and laser guns, with a short range, that is, it can fire at Raibonne, from the orbit of space. This carrier was developed and released by the carrier company "Roller and Transport Company", which belonged to a multi-billionaire, the owner of a large number of pentals, Cromeli Roller. Its production, has long been producing and servicing both civilian and military vessels. Every day, at least two spaceships depart from its factory built in the orbit of Raibonne, which is an excellent indicator.

The equipment in question was purchased by the Halliford family of money businessmen. In connection with the tragic events, it was inherited by the only remaining relative, Tomake. A young man, inexperienced in business matters and on the path of life, a young man. He is only twenty years old, which prevents him from leading a full adult life. On the Ribonne, the age of majority begins after thirty, when you can get married, drink a strong, intoxicating lyre, or breathe in the drug datura, a petal of pr.

His appearance was not much different from the faces of his peers, tall and thin, with light hair, pale skin, dark eyes, straight nose, slightly thin lips, fashionable unshaven. Tomaka, was the fourteenth capitalist in his line, but the first of them, a space explorer.

His parents, as stated in the medical certificate, were killed because of the inspector checking the cargo that Tomaki's father, Tita, and his mother, Trishna, were carrying. They were transporting food, flowers of the heron, which is quite harmless and has in itself, organic matter, very necessary for the health of people in the galaxy, on the islands of Catamastra.

Common heron, an edible organic plant, but it is sometimes confused with its sister belodonna. Their visible difference is only in a small, white spot located in the bud, and so they can not be distinguished without special tools and tools.

Its sister is belodonna, a poisonous, inedible and inorganic shrub, whose stamens, spraying their pollen, enter the body through the pores and immediately kill it. No one has come up with vaccines to get rid of this disease, so it immediately spreads them and the living begins to die irrevocably, that is, everything dies, including the planet itself.

And, in the galaxy, on the islands of Catamastra, at the "Control check points", for such a plant, the death penalty is provided, as for an attempt at terror. Next, the isolation of the suspicious cargo, with its further destruction. Therefore, they pay a lot of money for the delivery of edible herons, which is associated with a certain risk to life, the possibility of accidentally mixing up these almost identical bushes and making trouble for themselves.

Rumor has it that Tomaki's parents are out of luck. During the inspection, the young controller did not understand, confused the useful grass with the poisonous one and made the decision "guilty" … a guard of order, a quick trial, execution of the sentence…although, in fact, it was …

Then, when more or less understood, the guilty and the judge were punished, by local law…executed, but more on that later.

A few years later, after these events, the business Tomake inherited, imperceptibly merged with his research and theories, he did not yet have a practice. The Flying Ferix had been captured by the Sky bandits, but by chance or not, it had been recaptured and returned to its true owner by the Space Guard. Tomaka Halliford himself has not yet left the confines of his planet.

All his long-distance affairs were performed by hired people, pilots, flight engineer, doctor, etc.

The word businessman is synonymous with wealth, but in the case of Tomaka, it sounds ridiculous and ridiculous, he received exactly as much money as he invested it. Large expenses were spent on the maintenance of the ship "Flying Ferix". The rent of the spaceport and technical repairs, and the staff, required a lot of pentals.

"Flying Ferix", although it was not first class, with an average degree of protection, Tomaka liked it and this time, he decided to appoint himself as the flight commander!

Chapter 1. Flight dues

And now Tomaka, who is passing through all the blocks and compartments, cabins and other compartments, of his first-ever space expedition ship, not only as the master, but also as its owner and commander. Making comments along the way, to Timba or flight engineer Trimone, and sometimes even to his assistant Pythons. Since he pays them a penny, he has the right to manage and command them.

– Look again, the broken line on the diagram, so that there are no surprises in flight, – he said warningly to the co-pilot, a fat man with a funny blue work suit on him. Tomaki's voice was high and very confident, which made him even more important and confident as a flight crew commander. Apparently, in the genes somewhere, there was some code that he got from his family and pushed, now, to be the manager of his new team.

– Don't worry, commander, we'll check it out, – he agreed, and with a smart look, rolled into the main cabin. In fact, Timba, very lazy and did not even intend to check the flight map, as he had already looked at it twice and did not see the need for additional checks, although in the flight law of Raibonne …" on performing pre-flight calculations "it is specified" … to make several inspections…in connection with an unexpected change in the trajectory of celestial bodies…". But apparently he knew better, because he had been flying for more than one year and was surprisingly for everyone, an ace in space.


– Hurry up, I don't want to delay the carriage, – Tomaka said.

– We won't delay it, it'll be all right, – Timba said, and disappeared from sight.

– If only it would work, – Tomaka said excitedly, and when there was no answer, he went to the rest room.

When I reached it, I met the assistant Pythons there. A companion of his childhood, but not of the same age, since he was twenty-three years older than Raibonne. But the age difference never stopped them from being friends. On the contrary, they were often together, having fun and discussing various matches of games or drinking light drinks.

When Halliford lost his parents, Pythons was the only one who helped him cope with his grief. And now he, he specifically chose to support him, knowing the full value of friendship with him, even sometimes presenting him as his stepfather. They were somewhat similar, especially in their important gait. He was tall, blond, and slender at the waist. Strict, but fair to anyone, regardless of rank. His clothes were always flat against his body, showing the muscles that young Raibonne boys envied. Pythons, first class pilot! Always attentive to the people and animals around him.

The door of the hatch separating the room from the corridor compartment opened and they entered together.

The hall is spacious, well-lit, equipped to accommodate the crew, during breaks in working hours. Here you can safely drink, brewed leaves of chemusha, pleasantly cooling the body and toning it. Play Binko, a board game with chips for several people, which helps players to improve their mood. Get the latest news, from the information transmitter. It's good to discuss flight plans, in a non-formal setting. Yes, at least, just take a break from work.

Still, the form, especially higher in rank, somehow invisibly belittles the desire to speak openly and already the conversation does not give the desired result. And here, I want to communicate and think, on different topics, no one will say anything bad to you.

– Pythons, how's the pre-flight mood? Everything is fine? – Tomaka asked.

– Everything is fine, commander! – the assistant exclaimed, ironically.

Tomaka understood the joke, but did not answer, only smiled slightly, understanding the humor of the Python. His jokes were dry and not very understandable to the people around him, but Tomaka always understood or tried to understand. In fact, he let him get away with a lot, referring it to the ever-increasing age of respect. After all, approaching old age, no one is happy and thoughts about it, more and more distract from reality. It is good to be young, when you do not notice time and life, it seems to you beautiful, which you mostly spend on useless things and thoughts.

– Dr. Vella, he's holding up for now, – he continued, his voice already full of concern. We need to fly, and we can't leave without a doctor until we find it.

– Well, that's your recommendation, and the rest of the crew's agreement, – the chief said. – But I think, soon to appear, it is a pity that the communication at the spaceport, only internal, does not contact her.

– Here is this, well justified measures, not like, to under takeoff, computer failed, – Pithons unwittingly imagined in his mind, as they fall together with the ship, then explode and on his skin, ran goosebumps.

Each unit, on the "Flying Ferix" spacecraft, is separated by electronic hatches, controlled both by the main computer brain and manually, using magnetic cards, by the crew. In the recreation room, there are several such, on the sides of the center.

Now, such a hatch opened and a panting healer flew into the room. Her hair was tousled and hung down in a mess. Her eyes were bright, her face red, with a guilty smile. The girl stood and tried, not noticeably to catch her breath, but it did not work out, which was even more, it was not pleasant, since everyone was looking at her.

Her clothes, too, were untidy, and in some places, unbuttoned, and Vella's beauty could not excuse her for that. She stood up on one foot, trying to adjust her left shoe, which was caught on something and did not want to put it on her foot.

– I'm sorry, I'm a little late, but it's not my fault. This morning, a friend called, her child fell and severely damaged the kneecap, and the insurance is overdue. I had to go to her, provide medical assistance to the victim… – the girl would have continued to speak incessantly, but Tomaka interrupted her.

Finally, the mischievous shoe was still dressed, and Vella straightened up straight and sighed lightly, but as if heavily. She caught her breath and shifted from one foot to the other.

– Why you were late, I appreciated, tell me, and the patient is now normal? – Tomaka asked, his eyes accusing her of all her sins.

– Of course it's all right, my friend, she'll list the insurance money in the evening … – but before Vella could finish, he interrupted: – Does that mean we can fly safely?

The girl realized that she had talked too much and calmed down her adrenaline in her blood, she answered briefly: – Yes.

Tomaka, in bewilderment, spread his hands to the sides and inviting everyone to their work places, said:: – Well, great, get down to your business, place the equipment and tools, in the medical center and infirmary, we will fly out soon. He politely waved everyone out of the room, but remained standing in the break room. Pythons ignored Tomaki's words and stayed with him, in the room, apparently he wanted to say something. Tomaka didn't answer him at all.

– That's it, I'm running, – Vella said, and walked quickly to the hatch. It opened, the girl turned to the commander and smiled sweetly at him, then went out into the corridor compartment and the door closed behind her.

– Yes, we got a good, chatty brunette in a white coat! Tomaka exclaimed, more to himself than to the Python.

– I hope the doctor is at least normal? – Pythons asked, wary of his own health.

Tomaka and Pithons, after these words, began to discuss flight plans. It wasn't long before their conversation ended and they went to the command room in front of the cockpit.

There was no one in the command center, but they were sitting at a computer panel that glowed with all the colors of neon lights. It was the main brain of the spaceship, the Flying Ferix. All any electronic items that depended on this device and any breakage, also, here was recorded by the computer and reported to the team or in special cases to its commander.

The instruments made various subtle sounds, showing their work. The monitors displayed all system processes, incoming and outgoing data. The main computer brain, not only monitors the system memory itself, but also displays it on the main monitor, which is now, first of all, checked by Tomak, so that it does not hang and the flight does not break.

– Well, the main thing is checked, it's time to assemble a team! – Tomaka said.

– Yes, I agree, it's time, – said Pythons and on the intercom, notified the crew into the microphone.

Soon, the hatch opened and flight engineer Trimon entered the room. A middle-aged man, a cheerful but calm man. He didn't seem to be interested in anything but the screwdriver, just to twist something. True, he has a good recommendation, he knows a lot about his business.

– I finished the panel, the wiring was heated, now it's normal. I changed a couple of wires, I allow you to fly, – said flight engineer Trimon, holding two flight logs in his hands.

– All right, we're waiting for the others, – Tomak's commander said.

– Trimon, are you ready to give me the preflight report? – Pythons asked.

– Yes, I have prepared everything and indicated it in these accounting documents, – said Trimon, and handed them to Pythons. Who, began to carefully review the notes, and Trimon turned his attention to the door.

The hatch opened, Vella passed, followed by the copilot, who gave way to the woman, and the passage closed.

Before that, they had met in the hallway, where he had said to Vella, perhaps with a little more than ordinary propriety, a compliment. This is evident from the way she entered the command post, was a little confused and her face was glowing, not a constant shade of pink. Timba, on the other hand, was like a heroic, pompous male flirting with a female.

The crew, gathered in the command room, completely, five people, now had to hold, who is more convenient to call, a briefing or briefing, they are closer to the preflight divorce. From the words "dilute" in theory, the staff to their official places. Explain to people their work responsibilities, as well as, in case of unforeseen and emergency circumstances, what actions they will have to perform.

In a developed, intelligent civilization, there is usually a "meeting room and a table". On the Ribonne, this is also there, but the shape is more like a star and the number of rays in it depends on the number of participants in the conversation. When they sit, between them, on a flying soft disk, the distance approaches and it turns out to conduct a convenient dialogue, improving its result.

A table in the command center of the Flying Ferix spacecraft, with ten beams, designed half for the flight crew, and the rest for possible negotiators. The star table is located in the center of the room. At the heart of it, a powerful laser projector is installed, controlled by a computer brain.

Sitting at the "round table", you get to a business conversation and you have access to the universal information that has spread like a web throughout the entire space of space, built into the general information system, the space library. Although the distances are large, code signs instantly flash between computers, helping people, both in business and in their rest.

You can say, sitting at home, order a romantic dinner, on some planet Zigi-Zigi, in another galaxy. Then, immediately pay and get a "green ticket" by downloading it to the card and using it in the calculation.

– So, the team, all assembled, we can start a general divorce, – said Tomaka, taking the main place of the "round table". The rest of the crew settled down to their jobs, according to the "name", working plates.

To Tomaki's right, Pithons sat, his side of the table closest to the commander, and further away from him, Timba, Trimon, and Vella sat. All were on the same right side of the "round table". Tomaka looked at the small monitor embedded in his right sleeve, calculating in his mind the remaining time before departure.

– You are every expert in your work, have any notes and suggestions, please let us know now. Then you will have to cope with the forces at hand, in the sky! – Halliford warned, eyeing the crew carefully.

Everyone was a little animated, although no one had said a word yet, just the silence and cheerful atmosphere hanging in the air. But soon after the eyes turned to Pythons, he began to report to the commander and the others.

– Timba and Trimon have reported that the ship is ready to fly, – Pythons said, looking Tomake in the eye and immediately directing his gaze to Timba and Trimon, waiting for a sign of confirmation, his words just spoken.

Tomaka turned his questioning gaze to Dr. Vella, asking in his mind, – What about you? What did you do? Can you, with such beauty, do anything at all, except make up your eyes and lips?

Vella understood him without words, a little confused, but cheerfully replied: – Oh, I have, everything is fine, pills and potions on the shelf, everything is sterile and clean!

– Well, I wish you to conduct the flight without incident, we absolutely do not need them. I signed a contract with you, for a good percentage, so I do not advise you to get sick. We are leaving in five, and I hope that we will return together. That's all, did you have time to do your personal business, on the Ribonne? I see happy faces and a cheerful mood, let it remain so. The crew is prepared, please take the take-off seats, – the commander said in a commanding tone, emphasizing the words.

– The main thing is that there will be a place to sleep and eat in the near future, – the co-pilot said in half a voice, ironically, leaning slightly to Trimon's left ear. But he either did not hear or did not want to hear, just got up and went to his box, where he intended to continue, to prepare for takeoff.

Timba wanted to make a joke in front of the commander, but he realized that the business conversation between Tomaki and Pithons was more important than his jokes, and he decided it was better to catch up with Vella, who was already in the corridor. He really wanted to please her and of course, continue their previous, personal conversation, which no one heard, but everyone guessed what it was about. Dr. Vella, was against the harassment and courtship of Timba, who persistently tried to please her, than even more, pushed it away from himself. In the short time they'd been aboard the "Flying Ferix", she'd grown so tired of him that she'd even wanted to ask Commander Tomake for help, but something had always stopped her, and Timba's antics had gone unpunished.


Under the law, on the planet Raibonne, she could hold Timba responsible for harassment, but her character would not allow her to do so, it was easier to deal with him herself. And now, she did, but she was still a girl, and if Timba crossed the boundaries of what was allowed, then she would definitely have to turn to Tomake or Pitons for help.

– Wait, Vella, – the pilot shouted loudly, almost running to her.

Vella slowed her pace and, in the process, turned her head toward him. Her smile flashed against her fair face and bright black hair, so that he even slowed down a little.

– Timba, are you trying to annoy me with your courtship again? What is it? – she asked.

– I would be happy to ruin myself for someone like you, but no one will appreciate it, – said the pilot and smiled beautifully, showing clean white teeth.

– And you definitely need someone's assessment, does love want its strength to be measured on the scale of the sacrifice you have made? – she asked the question.

– I agree, she doesn't demand it, but she doesn't refuse it either. Although love, too, is not eternal, if it is not nourished by feelings, it simply disappears. And I don't want to waste my nerves, either, – Timba replied.

Vella and Timba came to the end of the road, where it had two hatches in the walls. One on the right, which leads to the command, flight room, the other on the left, to the medical center.

– Here, we'd better part ways, so that your people don't get hurt, – Vella said, and went to the left hand compartment.

– Thank you for taking care of me, the flight is just beginning, we will still have time to talk, – Timba was intrigued and hurried to his room.

Meanwhile, Tomaka and Pithons summed up the meeting and went to get the co-pilot.

The crew of the spacecraft "Flying Ferix", was launched.

Space and time, the secrets of galaxies and the secrets of planets, ghosts and living beings, all this is the engine of the pulse of the universe and our life. How many interesting and beautiful things are there in space, what we lack in our ordinary life? We know that during the day it is light, at night it is dark. This is a figurative example, in the ideal state of day and night, and not like on the planet Miran, where due to high humidity, there is a lot of cloud and it is always dark, although it flies in orbit, between two flaming stars.

Through the vacuum, between the planets, the curved lines of human destinies are built, there is a struggle between the minds, spaceships fly into the unknown, with their brave-at-heart commanders, such as Tomaka.

– Launch, permission granted, – a command voice said, over the central speaker that connected Tomaka to Central Mission Control, intergalactic station Eleuron, on the planet Raibonne, and his crew.

– Attention, crew, ten minutes to liftoff, take your seats and activate your shields. The main computer brain, go to the pre-flight state, – Tomaka commanded once again, after which the crew settled into their seats, and the main computer, loudly and clearly, began to count down the ten Raibonne minutes, in reverse order, throughout the spacecraft.

– Nine forty – six, nine forty-five… – the speakers blared, sending the adrenaline pumping through the crew of the Flying Ferix.

The time before the launch is getting shorter and when the score reaches zero, the main computer brain will check the protective screens of each crew member and enter the command, " … transfer to a biostop state, biological organisms…", for a period set in advance, during the flight calculations, that is, temporarily freeze people or other living organisms, without any violations, vital processes in them.

Tomak's commander quickly checked everyone out and took his own seat in the flight chamber.

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