What Is Marketing and Sales? – Tom Hopkins

What Is Marketing and Sales?
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What Is Marketing andSales? explores the fundamental elements of a brilliant marketing plan. If marketingis not your area of expertise, then listening to this audio series fromhandpicked speakers and authors is just the thing you need to build aprofitable revenue stream in your business.This real-world look at marketing and sales will illuminatepowerful opportunities in your business. From structuring your marketing planto setting up your website to sell, this product is guaranteed to help youcapture leads and convert them to sales.But great marketing skills are often not enough to increaserevenue. Included here are sales lessons from the world's greatest salesman,Zig Ziglar. America's number one sales trainer, Tom Hopkins, provides anoverview of the perfect sales process. Plus learn: P. T. Barnum's rules for success How to create a Super-Brand How to convert website visitors into buyersBy combining the best of marketing and sales lessons, yourbusiness will thrive after you listen to this program and read the marketing planbooklet.

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