Getting Back Out There

Getting Back Out There
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Youve broken up, done the work, and youre ready to move on to a new relationship. In Getting Back Out There, Susan J. Elliottcreator of the wildly popular blog GettingPastYourBreakup.comguides you through the process of deciding when to date again, first date jitters, the selection (and rejection) of potential partners, and the rewarding experience of making a commitment to the right partner and being equipped for a happy, healthy relationship.With chapters such as &quote;The Steps from the Big Breakup to Happy and Healthy Dating, Mating, and Relating,&quote; &quote;Five Questions to Ask Before You Take the Plunge,&quote; and &quote;The Five Rs of Dating Failure: Readiness, Rejection, Recycling, Rebounding, Retreating,&quote; Getting Back Out There is the go-to guide to help you transition from former failed relationships to a successful new one.

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