The parable of good and bad deeds

полная версияThe parable of good and bad deeds

Our whole life is a continuous stream of deeds and deeds. And by doing them, it's as if we are building our house of life out of the bricks of deeds and deeds. But does everyone know and understand what it means to build a house of their life?... So our fairy-tale heroes, the heavenly souls Mickey and Oscar, live and build their houses of life in a fairy-tale and magical world. But bad weather and rain happen — and Mickey's house is standing whole and unharmed, warming its owner with warmth, and Oscar's, for some reason, collapses and pours like sand! And now it's time for Oscar to go on an interesting and instructive adventure to find the cause of his troubles, and find out why the souls of their fairy-tale world have houses of life collapsing from the rain? How to distinguish good deeds from bad ones? What is the most important law in life? Why do they pay so little for good deeds? How can a fabulous soul find a reference point for life and build a reliable and eternal house of life?

Полная версия


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