3rd New & Old Time Radio Collection – the Simon Studio

3rd New & Old Time Radio Collection
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This exciting collection of radio comedy fromWaterlogg Productions features four must-listens.1. SherlockHolmes and the Adventure of the Missing CountessScotland Yard is puzzled. A young countess has gonemissing, and Sherlock Holmes is summoned. Accompanied by the redoubtableWatson, Holmes must juggle the clues. What does he see? Why does he instructWatson to bring his wife to the circus three days later? And why does Watsonkeep sneezing? This original Holmes adventure is one of Holmes' more whimsicalcases.2. A Joe BevAudio Theater Sampler, Vol. 3This third collection of audio drama, comedy,biography, and documentary from veteran award-winning radio dramatist JoeBevilacqua-beautifully produced with a cast of professional actors, sound effects,and music-includes We Take You Now toGrover's Mill; War of the Welles;Son of Harpo Speaks, Part 1; Homeland Security Comes to Camp Waterlogg;Akrotiri; The Unlucky Merchant; If WeAll Talked Like Allen Jenkins; TheVillage Life; Stench of the City;Huck Goes to the Moon; and If You Find an Opening, Jump In.3. A Joe BevAudio Theater Sampler, Vol. 4This fourth volume includes Holy Smoke, or The Red-Suite Man; The Christmas That Almost Never Was; Sherlock Holmes' Creepy Christmas; A Pedro Christmas Sampler; ACall from the Storm; Edgarton VossSteps Out But Not Too Far; SettlingIn; Uncle Dunkle's Umbrella, Tire,and Jalopy; Son of Harpo Speaks, Part2; More Teaman and Friends; This Here Is Your Life, Sherlock Holmes;and Perils of the Tiger Barn.4. SimonStudio Presents, Vol. 1The Simon Studio is a training and performancetheater company where actors, writers, directors, artists, and thinkers freelymix in a workshop environment. This first collection of Simon Studio Presents includes OedipusNoir by Ralph Tyler, Dancing in theDark by Vivian Green, The Portraitby Sarah Levine Simon, and A MidsummerNight's Dream by William Shakespeare.

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