Zombie Business Cure – PhD Julie C. Lellis

Zombie Business Cure
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Does your business feel lifeless in todays fast-paced marketplace? Tired of struggling to stand out? Cant seem to clarify your message? You may be a zombie and not even know it.Zombies are confused, haphazard, and indistinguishable. Businesses act like zombies when empty communications alienate customers, supporters, and partners. The Zombie Business Cure gets to the heart of many communication problems: identity. A lack of focus on identity negatively affects your bottom line and can damage your reputation.The best organizations are simply more like humans and less like zombies. Humans realize the importance of having a strong sense of self, maintaining a consistent message, and communicating effectively to build relationships. The Zombie Business Cure will help you:Realize identity is the foundation for success.Discover identity problems that commonly lead to communication failures.Prevent zombie-like behavior by tackling the five most common zombie traits.Approach new communication efforts in a more mindful way.Youll learn from real-life case studies and also gain practical tips and exercises that will help your business. The Zombie Business Cure is the antidote for lifeless communication that repels customers. By using the principles in this book, youll attract the right audiences and increase your success.

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