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With Love for Everyone

With Love for Everyone
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2019-12-31 10:54:48

Stories filled with plaintive love for all living things. Kindness is intertwined with a unique wealth of information, and reading is not only interesting, but exciting and exemplary.

Each character existed in real life. The reader gets a unique chance to get in touch with the facts, which only a few know about, and for the younger generation, such reading is a real school of nobility, an example of dedication and generosity.

The one, genuine Georgy Vitsin, a school of sleuth dogs in pre-revolutionary Russia, real detective stories based on real events with historical facts. Weekdays of volunteers who give their hearts to dogs, cats, and all living things. Stories, tragic and having a happy ending. They all teach us to be human. To be a people with a capital P. I want to believe that books like this one will make the world cleaner and better, teach you to love our loved ones, in whatever guise they don’t exist side by side.

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