Is there life after marriage

Nikolay Lakutin
Is there life after marriage

Для подготовки обложки издания использована художественная работа автора. Обложка книги разработана автором в дизайнерской программе и является интеллектуальной собственностью Николая Лакутина.


You have now picked up this book and the first thing, probably, opened the introduction in order to understand whether to spend your time reading it and what can tell a twenty-five-year-old boy.......

And if this boy in his twenty-five is the Director General of a network of companies that has been steadily developing for the third year, though not donated by a rich daddy company for his birthday, and independently organized as a result of a long and serious way (by the way, neither rich nor poor daddy I have for several years), if for a quarter of a century I managed to visit the other world and return back, to win first places in the all-Russian competitions in the field of pop genre, and visit the lists of the first in various sports., give up the ordered road to graduate school and go on a completely different way of life…

That's right. As for this book, I will say that it took me not only twenty-five years of my life and seven years of marriage to write it. Three years bezvylazno from different social networks with different "nicknames", I tortured girls his and other cities on issues joint life, treason, Dating, and so same of clandestine desires and plans on life.

Well, has the level of trust increased?

Then continue…

This book was written for several purposes:

– for those who have long been tied in family ties – and those who have already divorced-I hope it will be nice to remember myself in the years described in this book, mentally go back a few years ago and excite the current life, filling it with former light;

– for those who do not know what awaits him in the near future and what may be worth being prepared not to make unnecessary mistakes;

– those who are now in the period in question, most likely will not find time to read such literature. But still, if this happens-look at what you are now at the stage of relations. Perhaps this book will help you more thoughtfully and prepared to approach the issue of solving family problems and disputes, as well as issues of complexities of personal life.

We all repeatedly in his life heard this phrase – – " do not repeat my (foreign) mistakes." At the same time, it became clear to me a long time ago that all people prefer to learn from the mistakes of their own, who would not say that and would not advise. But still there are cyclical difficulties that occur in the life of most of us sooner or later and are repeated throughout life, but only on another level in a different form. If you after reading this book will save at least one of them, then my work was not done in vain.

To be honest, one of the reasons that fueled the idea of writing this book was that to this day I do not know any truly happy couple who would have lived in marriage for more than three to five years. You, certainly, ask – -" and that in your understanding of truly happy couple?". And it will be the right question. On the question of understanding happiness fighting for decades to different people. For someone, happiness is the achievement of the set result, for someone it is the way, the process of achieving the result, for many happiness lies in everything they do, you only need the right approach to what you do. The frequent answer to this question sounds like this – happiness is when the sun shines, birds sing, health does not fail, friends call, and you do not worry about what tomorrow you will buy food and things for yourself and your family…". There is no single answer, perhaps they are all right in their own way. For me, happiness is a reward for trying. You see, I firmly believe that everything in this world has to be paid for. Of course, it's not just about money. Pay time, health, everything you have. For every piece of happiness you have to pay and earn it. Family happiness (in my opinion) is the result of joint work of the two representatives of the marriage. If care, zeal, hopes and dreams come from only one member of the marriage – this family is likely to break up. Happiness is not so happy it will not name.

And it would be desirable, ladies and gentlemen, that happy families were that them was much, so much that each twenty-five-year-old guy could give not one example. Well, let's hope that the beginning is made, and, as you know, in any case – the main thing to start!!!

Recommendations for reading

– If you have a bad mood, and you want to raise it;

– If you have a good mood, and you want to spoil it;

– If you do not want anything (the most difficult rehabilitated case, but there is hope), then burn this book in the fireplace and see how the flame envelops the twisting leaves, turning them into ashes. This is a fascinating spectacle, which can be looked at peacefully in any state, besides there is a small probability that you still will be curious about the content of burning sheets, and that is especially nice, you then improve the financial situation of the author about the amount of another purchased book.

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