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What\'s the Point!

Would you like people to respect you more, admire you, and buy into your ideas? Would you like people to grasp the point of your message and remember it? Would you like to know how top speakers create memorable moments by telling great stories that leave their audience inspired, motivated, and wanting more? Well now you can! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents What's The Point! Telling Memorable Stories So People Will Remember You1. Learn how to successfully tell stories that cause people to remember you2. Acquire the skills to tell a short story that makes your point3. Understand how to use stories to teach people 4. Discover the secrets of using your tone, tempo, personality, and even accents to add impact your stories5. Attain the confidence to ensure you are believable in your delivery6. Discern how to express vulnerability with a story without appearing weak7. Identify how to transition your stories back to your point without going ';off track'You'll be able to understand how to effectively tell stories about celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Zig Ziglar, and even how this one story helped Bono of the band U2, become one of Time magazine's People of the Yearall while making your point! And learn the secrets of addressing different people in your audience with great stories regardless of generation, gender, or culture! Dawn Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping people be their best while living life to the fullest!

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