Virginity for sale

Лили Рокс
Virginity for sale

Auction of virgins

An elite closed club in the suburbs of Moscow was selling membership, which cost fabulous money. Those with power and money are always honorary members of the club, paying for the opportunity to be masters of life and just to be themselves.

The club has own rules and its own history. In its numerous cellars to which the secret doors lead, life boils: people here are born and die, love and hate, rejoice and cry, and each of them had their own difficult fate, which led to this terrible place.

The B3 floor is divided into two parts, pregnant women are contained in one small block, and children of all ages are in the second, several times larger in size.

Boys, almost immediately after birth, are given up for adoption, girls from the very cradle come into the “school of noble maidens”, where they undergo rigorous training. Here they are taught to be an ideal woman, an ideal slave, to fulfill all the whims and orders of the one who will redeem them at auction at the age of eighteen.

None of these young ladies know who their real mother is, they are deprived of parental love and affection, and pregnant women living in this elite brothel and replenishing this school with newer and newer children every year will never see their little ones after their birth.

After giving birth, women have only a month to bring themselves back to normal and go on working. They are transferred to the B2 floor. There they are servants of members of the elite club until they are lucky enough to become pregnant again.

Girls are kept like princesses; from the youngest age they are taught how to be an ideal wife or a concubine for a wealthy man. Every year from fifty to one hundred girls are born in the club and the groups are formed according to birth dates. Each group has about fifteen to thirty people.

One of these lucky ones is our main character, Diana. Since childhood, she did not know her mother and grew up with the same dungeon girls as she was. Caring teachers gave their wards everything that was required for good development: food, attention and special education. Sometimes the children were taken to the sun, the teachers took them to a special playground in a closed park, and for Diana, these minutes were most precious. The sounds of nature, fresh air and the gentle rays of the sun, she loved it more than anything and enjoyed these magical moments.

The main part of the training of the “school of noble maidens” was to prepare the girls to be an ideal wife, lover or slave for their buyer. Each girl had to be submissive and grateful for everything to the one who would buy her and pick her up from this place. Girls had to be ready for any hardships of life, and from birth on, their only meaning of life was to please the master.

Girls dreamed about the day when they will be bought for marriage or other purposes, and then they will be able to see the sun much more often.

Many rumors circulated among the girls, but no one really knew what exactly was happening after the auction. Sometimes at night Diana and her friends managed to get into the room next door where the pregnant women were located, and then, these more experienced ladies told the girls numerous nightmare stories about male perverts who beat and raped women, humiliated them and forced to do unthinkable things.

“If you are lucky, then a worthy person will buy you; the one who will love and appreciate you, and if not, try to put him to sleep and run away!” This is the only way to survive! – said “one of the young future mothers”, who understood that one day, her daughter would also be waiting for her turn to be bought by one of the members of this infernal club.

Most pregnant women looked quite old, with scars and injuries, none of them smiled. Some were kept in separate wards tied so that they would not harm themselves. It was strange for Diana to see these women, but her curiosity overpowered and she still tried to slip into this wing for at least a minute to learn something new and forbidden.

* * *

The auction of noble girls was appointed once every three months and instead of lots, it exhibited the girls who reached 18-year-old age.

This closed country club was famous for its auction all over the world and people from all over the world came here to purchase outlandish goods: someone was looking for a submissive wife, and someone needed an obedient housekeeper or slave. Girls were taught not only to serve correctly, but also to be fluent in several major languages, whose speakers were frequent customers of these auctions.

The cost of each lot began with a minimum rate, and sometimes reached such amounts that could cover the costs of a hospital for the year ahead.

The auction hall was located on the B1 floor, in the main client area, where they had hotel rooms, bars, and all kinds of unusual halls for sex comfort.

Diana heard about this from pregnant women, but the girls could not leave the B3 floor without being accompanied by one of the teachers. Today Diana will see everything. The elevator lifted her and other lots to the B1 floor into a huge and cozy assembly hall, located in a section separated from the hotel blocks. All the girls were noticeably nervous.

– The more a man pays for you, the more likely he will appreciate and care. So girls, your task is to sell yourself at a higher price when the time comes, sighed the caring “future mothers”, trying to see something familiar in these children.

– Try to smile and do everything possible to repay the club holders for their care of you during all these years. Your task is to get as much money out of these rich people as possible! – exhorted the teacher, who was raising them as own daughters.

Diana and her “sisters” did everything possible and impossible to prepare for this solemn and exciting day. Everyone understood that the better she shows herself, the more expensive she can sell herself, and therefore, have a much greater chance of a good life.

In anticipation of a great day of the auction Diana dreamed and hoped with all her heart that she would be bought by a caring and kind person who would be able to give her the opportunity to see the sunlight every day as well as treat her well.

Most wealthy members of the club bought themselves a complaisant virgin wife, fully trained how to keep the family hearth. Each girl had a chance to be bought just for marriage. With a sinking heart, Diana was waiting for her finest hour, and finally, the time has come.

In two weeks after her eighteenth birthday, the cherished date of the auction was announced, which meant she would have the opportunity to leave this cozy home corner and get into a new and exciting world. After listening to the stories about the cruelty of wealthy husbands and masters, she was very worried that fate would play with her a cruel joke, but fortunately, Diana was bought by a pretty respectable man in full bloom, and at the first glance she liked him. The hope flickering in her heart gave her confidence that since that moment everything will be fine. She was sure there was nothing to worry about.

* * *

Today is the very night when Diana will first touch a man. For eighteen years, she saw them only in pictures and in the form of a dummy; her excitement had no bounds. Tonight she will lose her innocence. Her whole life she was getting prepared for this moment, she was taught to walk correctly, take care of herself, and talk in the right manner. By the day of the auction, every girl was fully prepared to be the most ideal wife or concubine for absolutely any man.

On the night of the auction, many wealthy men gather in the hall. Diana and several of her friends, dressed in translucent clothes that did not hide their youthful dignity, were waiting for their name to be announced and felt noticeably nervous. Diana knew, with her appearance, she had a great chance to get good money paid for her, which means she had a better position than her ‘sisters’.

During the auction, when bids increase, and the hall becomes unbearably hot from male hormones, girls demonstrate their abilities by performing a dance or gymnastic numbers. Diana heard the voices, as the audience screamed, argued and raised rates. Her heart was ready to break out of fear. It’s her turn to go now. In a moment it’s her way out!

A bright light hit her eyes and for a moment she closed them, moving her face away from the spotlights. But then, having gathered herself, she smiled and turned to the public, demonstrating her graceful gait. The starting price was announced and the room was noisy again. The stakes were rising, but not as fast and high as the girl had expected. It was necessary to help out the situation.

Diana began to slightly jump, making beautiful ballet passes in the air, and after spinning, crouched in a humble bow.

First, she showed her favorite “Aplomb” number – she prepared this technique to demonstrate her excellent balance and ability to stand on one leg for a long time, then she showed ‘Arabesque’ – showing the potential buyer her perfect flexibility and the ability to raise her leg to such any required height. She did everything that she knew better than anyone else and at the end of her performance, she made the split and bowed to the audience, illuminating them with her childish and naive smile.

The hall buzzed and the rates rapidly went up. Diana was nervous; although she had been trained for so many years to be the perfect slave for the one who would buy her, she was terrified that she would not be able to put into practice everything that she had been taught. What if her customer turns out to be one of those who love to beat women? Will she be able to endure his bullying and be obedient and grateful to him at the same time?


“Not now! Do not panic! Show yourself from the best side! ”– the girl tried to hide her anxiety, but sometimes, it took a lot of efforts.

The third hit of the hammer meant that the sale was finished, but Diana could not figure out who made the final bet. Anxiety went wild, turning into nervous twitching. The mere thought that she would lose her virginity tonight frightened the poor girl very much, and the main fear that settled in her did not let her calm down: who is the man who will deprive her of innocence? She tried not to think about the bad and put up with the inevitable. After all, who is she in this world? Her fate was already decided from birth, is it worth now to be so nervous if everything is already predetermined?

The room where Diana was sitting was noisy and fun. Girls discussed their customers, said goodbye, made plans and dreamed. Diana sat alone with a sad face and thoughtfully looked at her friends.

“I will never see them again, will I?”, an unexpected thought struck her temples as the lightning and suddenly she became very scared.

She moved closer to one of the ladies, who was a hairdresser preparing them for the auction, and began to ask stupid questions, most likely to calm down, and not to get answers.

“Do you think a good person bought me?”, she began, carefully touching the subject of her interest.

“Who knows, daughter, there are different people here. Mostly buyers come from abroad, but they say there are those who buy a new wife every three years. Basically, these are the oldest and the richest members of the club. ”

The conversation with this woman made Diana upset and she preferred to wait for her fate aside, having secluded herself and trying not to think about anything.

One of the most cherished desires of the young beauty was to fall in love with her master, so that she would be the highest value for him, so that he could provide her with good living conditions without punishing her beyond the limits she could bear. But she also realized that it was more of a fantasy, and in the real life everything could be different.

The average age of buyers began from 45; on the very rare occasions a virgin was bought by someone younger than that. The maximum age of men who were in the club and participating in the auction reached 75 years. Diana thought that marrying such an old man or being his concubine was the worst nightmare for every ward of the “school of noble maidens,” but no one spoke about it out loud. Each girl silently hoped that she was lucky. Also, Diana dreamed that a man in the prime of life would choose her and they would live happily ever after.

Meeting the master

The long-awaited hour struck, and Diana was led to meet her destiny. Dressed in a majestic outfit and wearing beautiful stilettos, she walked, accompanied by a maid who led her along a long corridor on the B1 floor. Diana was so impatient that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. How many years she dreamed to see what is happening on other floors and this day has finally come!

It was only allowed to enter the elevator when accompanied by a maid or a teacher, and when she was taken out outside, they always put a mask on her face and put all the girls in a van. The mask could not be removed until they found themselves in a field where Diana and other children could frolic under the sun and enjoy its warm rays.

Today, Diana was able to feel like she was a real queen of the ball, she was beautifully dressed up, had a make-up and a gorgeous hairstyle. When she looked at herself in the mirror she could not recognize her reflection.

“I should do everything for him to like me, by all means!”

The B1 floor was different from the B3; there were carpets and pathos around here in the corridors.

Many rooms with numbers made Diana tremble with excitement, expecting that the next door would be the last door to pass and she would finally meet her fate.

* * *

“Greetings, my Master, I am Diana, I will be glad to devote my life to your ministry,” modestly introduced herself the girl who entered the room, bowing her head and humbly awaiting the permission to look at her customer.

“I am very glad, Diana, nice to meet you! I am Alexander”, he waved his hand at the maid and she hastily left the room.

“You can look at me, I do not bite!” she heard a pleasant voice and raised her head.

In front of her stood a tall and muscular man, who was at least two and a half times older than Diana. He was a brunette with a beautiful and toned body, and piercing black eyes, in which Diana immediately drowned. The bewitching darkness of his eyes attracted and scared, the girl wanted to quickly look away, but something held her back.

With great difficulty, she humbly lowered her eyes again and blushed, ashamed of such a manifestation of her indiscretion, which she could not stop herself from at the first meeting with her master.

Alexander came close to her and stroked her hair, unraveling the intricacies of the strands that the female hairdressers had skillfully twisted. The man grabbed the shaggy pile of hair from behind and with a jerk pulled it down, forcing Diana to raise her eyes again. The girl trembled with fear and awe; she obediently raised her eyes and began to look at Alexander. Their eyes met and something flashed bright inside Diana, a previously unknown feeling burst in her and spread throughout her body, filling her up with a sweet languor.

A man never had touched her body and for her it was the very first and most exciting experience. She stood silently and looked at him, being afraid to move and waiting for his orders. The man’s breath was intermittent and hot, Diana felt him with her whole body, as if they were one. During her preparation in the “school of noble maidens,” she was taught a lot about how to satisfy a man, where to caress best and how to find erogenous zones in the shortest possible time. She only needed his single word to start putting all her theoretical knowledge into practice.

The smell emanating from Alexander captured the young virgin and she dutifully expected the continuation, analyzing the impatient movements of the man and guessing that she would lose her virginity in this very room.

Diana was excitedly breathing, waiting for further development of the situation. This mysterious buyer was so unfamiliar and at the same time so close now for a girl starting a new life that she was breathless at the mere thought of what he would do with her next. She waited for him to start, when he began to caress her.

“You can look at me without hesitation, understood?”

“Yes, Master,” Diana shortly answered and smiled at him. She really wanted to look at him, get to know him as much as possible.

Diana's body became cottony and her legs gave way; having noticed this, the man said:

“Not so fast, you and I have a planned party. I have to celebrate a successful purchase! And then we'll go home!”

Alexander gently smiled at his purchase and delicately offered her a hand, inviting her to follow him. Diana obediently obeyed, taking his arm and walking alongside him.

They walked into a cramped bar where the loud music was booming, naked women were dancing at high stances and waitresses in black latex robes were serving drinks and meals. People sat on leather sofas at tables; mainly they were obese old men. Naked girls sat on the floor next to most of them, some girls were wearing collars. Diana was surprised to see the girls unfamiliar to her; they seemed to her much older than she was.

“Did all these men really come to the auction? There were only fifteen of us, and here are much more men!” Diana was perplexed and was lost when she saw so many males around her. She wanted to look at so many of them as possible, but such behavior was unacceptable for properly raised girls.

“Is anything wrong?” Alexander asked her, having notices how his companion slowed down in indecision.

“No, Master, everything is fine”.

“Tell me!”

“I've never seen so many men, have they all come to the auction?”

Alexander laughed out loud, but did not answer. Having approached one of the tables, he put Diana in a beautiful Venetian-style armchair and sat opposite her.

“Let's drink something! Do you like champagne?”

“I will drink what you order, Master!” Diana blurted out the phrase memorized from the childhood, which made Alexander let out a contented smile.

Diana caught the lustful glances of the old men and felt a little uneasy. With the corner of her eye, she saw how they were looking at her and tried to keep her head as low as possible.

The waitresses brought drinks and fruits. Alexander raised his glass and said loudly: “For a successful purchase! Take a glass and drink with me!” Diana took the glass and carefully tasted the drink. It seemed bitter to her, but she did not dare to express her opinion regarding its taste and drank everything to the last drop. Its effect was not long in coming.

Alexander went to one of his acquaintances and invited him to their table. An elderly man happily sat next to him and a young girl crawled on her fours after him. She seemed to be very young, but looking at someone else's property was a sign of bad taste and Diana again modestly lowered her head, waiting for the order of her Master.

“This is my purchase, I hope that it is very successful. I wanted to get myself a virgin brought up in the style of "complete submission" long ago. Now, I’ve made up my mind,” being totally satisfied the man pointed at Diana, showing her to his friend.

“What a successful purchase! This must be celebrated!” the old man raised his glass and drunk all of it. “As for me I almost found mine on the street” he continued after a slight pause “I bought her from the orphanage last year, and I’m raising her myself.” It was quite difficult, but cheaper, though …” he lustfully looked at Diana who was dutifully sitting opposite him, “but … maybe I’ll think about the auction too; it’s an interesting undertaking.”

Diana looked out of the corner of her eye at the girl sitting on the floor and noticed that she was also stealthily looking at her. After having a nice chat men began to disperse.

Alexander picked up Diana, who felt a little dizzy after champagne, and hastily led her out of the noisy room. “Put on the blindfold; it’s the club’s demand,” he said handling her painfully familiar thing, but Diana did not need explanations; she got used to go out and come back with a blindfold long ago.

A man brought a trembling girl outside; for the first time in a while she breathed in the fresh night air. From such a surprise, she almost fell down, being confused and having lost orientation in space.

Alexander took her in his arms like a feather and carried her to a car. He placed her on the back seat and sat himself aside; then he ordered the driver to move off. Gentle male touches stirred up numerous contradictory feelings in the body of the young lady. She wanted this path to the car to last forever. Being in the hands of a strong man, Diana felt small and helpless again, as if embraced by a caring father, whom she had never known.

Listening to the forbidden stories of women from the “maternity ward” about the family and children, she always imagined how different her fate would be if she had a family, if she had parents, but she could not imagine what kind of feeling she would feel being needed and loved. Now, being in such a close proximity with the body of Alexander, feeling the heat of his body, she completely relaxed and surrendered to the will of feelings.

Ten minutes later, the man pulled the blindfold off Diana’s eyes and ordered her head to be placed on his lap. The girl obediently complied with his request. Alexander began stroking her body, calming and at the same time caressing her neck.

When a man touched her face, Diana felt excitement. She waited to see her new home and was thinking of how her first “wedding” night would pass, but was worried for not to spoil everything with her tiredness.

Champagne gradually let her go and she could think soberly. A new life excited and frightened her. From today on she no longer belonged to the club and its rangers, but was completely in the grip of this new person. Now her life was in his hands, he was its rightful owner. Her whole world should revolve around his desires, and she should obey him in everything and thank him for the honor rendered to her, to be his property.

She waited so hard for this bright day to come, the day when she could leave the walls of her basement shelter, where she was always under the supervision of wardens, where she was always controlled and where there was not so much fresh air.


Just for the sake of one breath of air, she was ready for any sacrifice. In order to see the sun, to see the green grass, to see happy people – for this she could endure all the hardships of fate! She was even ready to endure humiliation and beatings her whole life.

The master's hands were gentle and soothing the weary traveler. She fell in love with this mysterious and strong man more and more. A million questions flickered in her head as they rode toward her new home. Will she ever be able to go out on her own? Will Alexander allow her to be outside and enjoy the nature? Or did he buy her to only sit at home and satisfy his sexual fantasies?

The girl carefully turned her head and looked at her master. Having caught his look she was embarrassed and tried to turn away, but he restrained her head, grabbing her neck.

His gaze did not radiate either good or evil, it was difficult for Diana to understand what he was thinking. His black eyes mesmerized and attracted, but at the same time, they cried out about danger. For the poor girl, this caused confusion.

Alexander was damn good and his powerful body tensed with every slightest movement. He was confident in himself and smiled at the world with his gorgeous smile. He seemed to Diana to be the perfection himself and she thanked fate that he was the one who bought her, and not one of those old people whom she saw in the hall.

“I wonder if he will always be affectionate with me. Or is he so courteous on the first day with me, and after deprivation of virginity, will treat me like that old man from the club treating his girl?” she thought for a moment and started drowning again in his eyes. Then she forgot about all negative thoughts: “For his sake, I’m ready for everything! Even sit on a chain and if necessary, I will do for him everything what he asks for! I was born for this!”

All the lessons of satisfying the man flashed through her head at the same time, and Diana was breathing heavily, anticipating that today she would have the most basic exam of life.

Alexander gently touched her lips, making rotational movements. Diana opened her mouth and closed her eyes. The man stroked her lips, slowly pushing his finger deeper and deeper. Diana’s tender young mouth gladly responded to the man’s caresses and received an uninvited guest. Alexander inserted the whole finger into her mouth and Diana began to suck it, recalling how she was taught to satisfy a man orally using special training mannequins. Alexander’s whole body tensed, Diana felt his breathing quicken, all the muscles in his legs stretched.

“God, what a gentle tongue, how skillfully you can wield it! Perhaps it was not a mistake to pay such crazy money for you!” he pulled his finger out and impatiently raised her up.

“We’ll arrive soon,” the man said with a nervous tone, “look out the window for now.”

He turned away from her, trying to hide his overexitation. And Diana did not need to be asked twice to look out the window, with surprise and admiration she looked at every house and every tree passing by. Everything delighted and amazed her. The world that came down from the picture seemed unreal.

It was an early morning and the world was waking up. The early rays were beautiful. Diana never saw the dawn and with trepidation she caught every moment, enjoying this show.