Litres Baner
Foods series

Lewis Foreman
Foods series

      STORY 1

A place to eat

Ann is starving. Her boyfriend Jack is really hungry as well. So, they are talking of where to eat now.

Ann asks Jack of his preferences. Jack would like to go to a farmer’s market. They sell the best produce in the city there. Ann is not sure about that. She thinks of going to the regular supermarket though. Jack insists. He doesn’t like the vegetables at that shop.

But Ann says she doesn't want to cook at all.

So, finally, they decide to get some burgers.

They are going to the nearest burger shop to grab a bite.



Betty is asking Sue to make a dinner for her sister tonight. Her sister is a bit fussy and eats just macaroni and cheese.

Betty doesn't think it’s going to be a problem. But Sue doesn’t now how to cook them. Betty tries to explain that it’s really easy an that Sue should just follow the instructions on the box. Sue remembers that they have run out of instant macaronis and cheese.

Betty suggest to cook them from scratch. Sue doesn’t know how to cook them from scratch either. Betty tells her to cook the pasta, and mix it in cheese, milk, and butter. Sue doesn’t believe it can be that easy. Sue warns Betty if she burns the house it won’t be her fault.