33 fairy tales of puppies and kittens. MAINLAND

Lewis Foreman
33 fairy tales of puppies and kittens. MAINLAND

Lewis Foreman

33 fairy tales of puppies and kittens

part 2


Story ONE

Volcano eruption

Kittens and puppies are in a big trouble. The volcano on their island woke up yesterday.

There is a smoke over it. Kittens and puppies are very scared. They want to go away.

They are building a ship now. They want to sail away. Kittens and puppies are constructing the ship from the wood. It is quite difficult.

They build it every day. After 2 months the ship is ready and they all board it. They do it just in time.

Look! The volcano is erupting. They are sailing away! They need to find a new place to live in.

Story TWO


The ocean is so large. Puppies and kittens sail on their ship. They are looking for a new home.

Mario is their captain. He is brave and strong.

It is the morning. He can see a dark sky. It is going to storm. Puppies and kittens hide inside the ship. The ocean isn’t quite. The waves hit the ship.

Puppies and kittens are scared. They want to come to the land. Suddenly the ship stops. They go out and see that they are on the land.

Hooray! They think to find a new home here. They like it here.



Mario is going to the land. Others are waiting. They don’t know this place. It may be dangerous.

Mario and Chuck go ahead. They can see a forest. It is thick and dark. They decide to start a camp here.

All puppies and kittens are on a beach now. The sand is soft and the water is so warm. They go swimming.

After swimming puppies and kittens come back and start a fire. They cook soup and make tea. Now they feel cold. The is going to be chilly. They need to get ready.

Story FOUR


The night was quiet. Kittens and puppies were sleeping all night long. They dreamt of a new home.

Suddenly they hear a loud noise. Mario and Chuck wake up first. They ask the others to come back into the ship. They see a giant. He is going to them. He looks mean and hungry. Puppies and kittens are running back into the ship. They don’t want to be eaten. They are crying. Mario and Chuck decide to attack the giant. They are throwing some stones into him. One hits his eye. The giant runs away. Puppies and kittens sail away too.

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