Smart Trust

Smart Trust
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Trust continues to be the most pivotal element needed in successful relationshipsfrom the personal to the political to business. With compelling examples, convincing research, and penetrating insights, Covey and Link teach people how to develop optimal trust relationships by mastering Smart Trust. Stephen M. R. Coveys first book, The Speed of Trusta #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller teaches the fundamentals of trustwhat it is, how it is established, and how it can be regained when lost. Now, there is a new, more urgent crisis: This is an era of extreme distrustof the government, our institutions, and in our personal and professional relationships. The economic crisis was a categorical loss of confidence in our interdependent global economic relationships and systems, and the world is in desperate need of a system that can restore that trust.Smart Trust addresses the seeming paradox that in spite of current historic low levels of trust there is also striking evidence of people, companies, and countries that are prospering from high trust. Smart Trust offers hundreds of examples around the globeindividuals, teams, organizations, markets, and industriesthat have created cultures and relationships of high trust and are enjoying remarkable benefitsprosperity, energy, and joy. Smart Trust offers a proven formula to teach what they are doing and how they are doing it. Listeners will learn how to integrate these exceptional examples into all aspects of lifeinstitutional, cultural, and personal. Smart Trust is filled with Coveys principles and strategies for creating environments that thrive because of trust. There has never been a more important time for this discussion.

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