Old villain new hero. Book 2. School and Newt

Егор Михайлович Кириченко
Old villain new hero. Book 2. School and Newt

Hi, my name is Irina Mikhailovna. I'm your new physics teacher. I have been teaching at this school for 50 years. If someone thinks that I'm evil, then you're wrong, it's very difficult to piss me off, but if you piss me off, you can't stop me. If you think standing is strictly putting marks, then you are right.

1 month later.

Irina Mikhailovna lowers all the marks, yells at the children, let's beep everything on the camera and put her in jail. Continued dvoechnik Denis.

Nooo what if they put us in jail? Said The Male.

This story isn't about a teacher, it's not about kids, it's about a kid named newt.

The next day, the teacher came in very angry and said, " newt, you got a unit to Burn in hell!"

But he very quickly realized that very for is coming to him with very very angry expression. He was afraid that now he would have to take his super-duper powerful fists and start fighting. She went up to him and told him to sit down at her Desk and show her how this scheme works. But unfortunately he couldn't show it and the teacher came up to him. She swung her hand sharply and struck. He fell down and started crying.