Winning in Baseball and Business – Earl Bell

Winning in Baseball and Business
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Doyou want to know how your business can score a home run? Earl Bell, successfulbusinessman, entrepreneur, and Little League coach, is just the man you need totake your business to the major leagues.Now,for the first time, Earl Bell reveals his coaching secrets in Winning inBaseball and Business, an audiobook that uses metaphor to show thateverything you need to know in business you can learn from lessons in youthbaseball. This audiobook story is told over the course of a ten-inning game. The top of each inning is about Little League principles and the bottom of each inning is about business application of these principles. Earl's love of both games-baseball and business-shines through as he talks aboutstrategies, goals, how his Little League team achieved Hall of Fame results,and how you can do the same for your business.Asan added bonus, twenty stories of successful entrepreneurs from teenagers tohistorical business icons are included as inspirational models. After listeningto Winning in Baseball and Business, your game will never be the same.

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