Lonely Samurai: Attack on Egypt

Denis Timush
Lonely Samurai: Attack on Egypt

"A wise man will never unleash enmity, but a fool will always find reasons."

Chapter 1

Main characters:

Laurent-son of Maury


Tezuba the Antagonist

Iron – Mori's best friend

Rockfold Grandpa Mori

A few years later, after Mori defeated Kuandza and the Cauza clan, a lot has changed.

Mori had a son named Laurent, his father taught him everything he knew himself. Soon, when his son turned 15, Mori decided to give him his father's katana.

Laurent! Called Mori.

– I'm coming, dad.

Son, first I want to wish you a Happy Birthday.


⁃ That's not all, I wanted to talk to you. Since you are already studying in the senior group and help me to fight off raider attacks, I would like to give you something.

–Dad, thanks a lot.

Maury and Laurent go to their father's room.

–A long time ago, back in your return, I really wanted to become a Samurai and once, I knew that my father was a Samurai. I inherited this katana from my father, for my birthday and I want to give it to you. This katana was made of a very durable metal, yet very lightweight.

⁃ Thank you very much, I am glad for your gift.

⁃ This thing is very dear to me, I hope it will be as dear to you, my son.

⁃ Dad, when can I find out the secrets of the clan?

⁃ All in good time, son, to find out the secrets you need to become at least a General, and this is oh what a difficult task

⁃ I will prove to you that I can achieve this title.

⁃ I believe my son, I believe.

Chapter 2

Laurent and Maury leave their home

–Let's visit our headquarters, find out where we will go this time. Mori speaking.


Sensei! The intelligence exclaimed.

“Yes, I'm listening.” Morey said calmly.

A serious problem is impending, our intelligence has reported that the raiders are advancing along the same route.

–What route and what connects them all?

“I'm afraid the Cauza clan is returning.

–This can't be, their head has fallen. They cannot plan something for themselves.

–Okay, we'll keep an eye on all 3 groups. On the route, they move towards Egypt.

– Immediately make sure what they are up to! And send troops to Egypt, they must not get into this territory.

–Okay, Sensei.

Mori adjusted his kimano in anger.

–Father, what's going on?

–Son, I can't tell you for sure, but this is clearly not all good. Go train for now, we will soon be moving out.

–Okay, father.

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