Called to War – Art Hobba

Called to War

The Christian radio talk show host asked the well-knownwomen's ministry leader the question, &quote;So what do you think about the statementthat men in the church have been feminized?&quote; Her immediate response was, &quote;Itotally disagree. Men in America have not been feminized at all...they have beenemasculated. Men don't feel a need to be more like women...they just have losttheir identity as men.&quote;This book begins with the true story told by awashed up minister whom God forgave, healed, restored, and reenlisted in hisservice. The real story lies, however, with a few men who, discontented withthe detachment of men in their church and inspired by the Holy Spirit,discovered a pathway to reengagement as God's man in this hour ... or maybe realengagement for the very first time. Welcome to Warrior Boot Camp! With this audiobook,listeners will take a journey through a season of breaking down and shreddingof the things of this world that have insidiously crept like tendrils into ourhearts and minds. They will then explore the practical military view, includingstrategies and tactics, that is pervasive throughout scripture, regarding ourcalling to engage and win the spiritual war against our three foes: the worldsystem, the carnal human nature, and the demonic spiritual realm led by Satan.The second half of the book builds listeners up withthe understanding of how to dress for success in the Kingdom by &quote;putting on&quote;and effectively fighting in God's armor (Ephesians 6). Warriors must be expertin weaponry and the invisible war of the Spirit is not the exception but therule.The real hero of this warrior saga is Gideon. Listenerswill get into his shoes as he hides in the wine press ... and then into his headand, finally, his heart as he is transformed from fearful farmer to mightywarrior. Together we will explore the common threads of manhood as lived out bythe greatest warrior in Israel's history.In these pages the truths of walking inthe sustainable freedom all men yearn for are unlocked. Join Gideon as he becomes the man God dreamed when He made him ... and receive, with him,God's new name for you: Mighty Warrior!

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