Learn to love. 30 tips how to live. – Анна Карат

Learn to love. 30 tips how to live.
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This book encompasses twenty-five years of professional experience and answers to the most burning questions. In a light and easy manner, the author tells about the search for a perfect partner as well as building and maintaining a relationship While reading this book, you will learn the following: •30 answers to the most important and interesting questions about love and relationships. •How to restore desire and passion when love is “paused”. •How to overcome a crisis in your relationship and move onto a new level of intimacy. •The main mistakes of women in a relationship. •How not to swallow the bait of “the wrong kind of men”. •How to make him interested in you and become his main priority. •How to stop being afraid and create an emotionally close relationship full of love. •How to recognize his true feelings towards you. •Who are womanizers? Can anyone be faithful?

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