Fortune's Daughter – Элис Хоффман

Fortune\'s Daughter
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This fierce and beautiful story charts the histories of twowomen: Rae, young, unmarried, and far from home, awaits the birth of her firstchild. Lila, a fortune-teller with no interest in the future, lost her owndaughter more than a quarter of a century earlier in New York. When these twowomen meet in Southern California, it's earthquake weather-the time whenunexpected things happen. Immediately, their lives and fortunes becomeintertwined, as Rae tries to break away from the man she has been with sincehigh school and Lila reaches into the past to search for the child she lost.This contemporary world is set against a series of Russianfolktales told by an old woman who lives at the edge of Manhattan, in a placeso well hidden it can only be found once in a lifetime.

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